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  1. integral95

    Online Math Tutor Tools

    Hello, so I'm thinking about doing online tutoring since it's basically more convenient, but I just need a good idea of to use. So I plan to use Skype to communicate, but what tools would you guys use in order to show different workings through screen-share? Especially with writing out...
  2. integral95

    new textbook.

    Hey so what textbooks would you recommend with the new Stage 6 math new syllabus (2U/3U/4U)
  3. integral95

    Business School Electives

    Alright guys I'm nearly at the end of my degree and for my econ degree, I need 2 more business elective courses. So ironically, I tend to do better in conceptual courses like math than courses that involve quite a bit of memorisation. So what would be recommended for a guy who's good at maths...
  4. integral95

    Dropping from a major to a minor

    So it works like this, I'm currently studying Adv Math/ Economics at UNSW, I decided to combine my math degree with eco since it would give me better job prospects (well that's what I think) and it seemed interesting to me. However as I'm as going through halfway of eco, I'm starting to hate...
  5. integral95

    What makes someone a BAD tutor?

    So I stumbled an article about good and bad tutors, but I'd like so hear some personal experiences from my fellow peers here. So have you had a terrible tutor? if so then how? I'm a tutor myself, and let's just say that greed hasn't overcome my morals.
  6. integral95

    Positive Matrix proof

    $a) Prove that a Square Matrix $ \ G \ $ is a positive definite if and only if $ \ G+G^T \ $ is a positive definite$ $b) Prove that an $ \ n \ times \ n \ $ symmetric matrix $ \ G \ $ is a positive definite if and only if $ \ G^{-1} \ $ is positive definite $
  7. integral95

    log base 1

    Yeah sorry if this was asked before, but this just crossed my mind. y = log_1(x) \Rightarrow x = 1^y = 1 So what I'm getting is that this particular log is only defined at x = 1? But if we use the change base formula y = ln(x)/ln(1) = \frac{ln(x)}{0} We can see that it's not...
  8. integral95

    Moment Generating Function

    $ For any $ \ \ 0<p<1 \ \ $and$ \ \ r \ \ $ a positive integer, the probability function $ \\ \\ f(x) = \binom{r+x+1}{x}p^r(1-p)^x \ \ \ x = 0,1,2 ... \\ \\ $defines a random variable X$ \\ \\ $Show that the moment generating function$ \ \ m_X(u) = \mathbb{E}(e^{ux}) = \\...
  9. integral95

    Gamma distribution function

    Yeah my mind's probably not working or I'm missing something important but how do you evaluate this \frac{1}{\beta^2} \int_0^{\infty}e^{-\frac{y^2}{2\beta^2}} dy
  10. integral95

    Complex analysis integrals

    Use complex analysis methods to find \int_{0}^{2 \pi} \frac{1+cos(3 \theta)}{5-4cos \theta} \ \ d \theta \int_{0}^{\infty} \frac{x^\frac{1}{4}}{x^2+4} \ \ \ dx \ \ \ \ $by taking the branch cut of$ \ \ \ x^{\frac{1}{4}} \ \ $ along the imaginary axis. Make sure to give details regarding...
  11. integral95

    A good course for a maths student?

    Hi so I'm a 2nd year student studying adv maths at UNSW. So I'm enrolling for for my 2nd semester and I currently have 2 cores (both maths) and ECON1102 (is this a reasonable course for me as well?). Just wondering what other easy course (relatively) that would be good for my WAM as a...
  12. integral95

    UNSW 1st year finals Q

    Hey Ya I just had my final maths exam today, and some questions rekt me hard lol, and ODE (ordinary differential equation) question and a weird limit one $Suppose that y satisfies the initial value problem$ \\ \frac{dy}{dx} + y^2 = cos(x) \ \ with \ \ y(0) = 0 \\ $find the first non-zero...
  13. integral95

    Partial derivative question

    Ok I maybe I'm derping and stuff but i can't seem to get this one $Suppose that function f is a differentiable function of a single variable and F(x,y) is defined by$ \ \ F(x,y) = \ f(x^2-y) \\ $a) Show that$ \frac{\partial F}{\partial x} + 2x\frac{\partial F}{\partial y} = 0 \\ \\ b) \ \...
  14. integral95

    Going home at 6pm

    Hey guys, so I have like 3 days where i finish my last class at 6pm. The thing is, there's heaps of people crowding around the bus stop to central at that time, and it took me around 40minute to get on my bus. So just wondering, is an alternate way of getting back to central faster?
  15. integral95

    Driving Manual cars

    Hey so I just got my Ls and like my mum owns a manual car (a 15 year old toyota starlett lol), while my dad owns a toyota corrola which is automatic Now the thing is my dad is mostly out at work so most of the time i could only drive my mum's manual car. I only just started learning to...
  16. integral95

    Flappy birds thread

    Sorry if there's already a thread like this (Ican't find one like this haha) any ways post your highscore (must be legit i.e not hacks/cheats) and your thoughts about the game ahah EDIT: My best is 62
  17. integral95

    Class clashes

    I don't know if there's already a thread like this, and if there is I'm sorry lols So I applied in 4 subjects under B science Maths 1141 Matsh 1081 Chem 1031 Phys 1111 Unfortunately my enrollment could not be processed because there's a clash in the lectures Maths 1081 and Chem 1031...
  18. integral95

    B science with another degree?

    So I'm planning to study Bachelor of science (maths major, still deciding whether UNSW or Usyd, could you suggest which one is better) But I'm told that there are limited job opportunities with that degree itself, so therefore I should combine with something. Now I'm not really a fan of...
  19. integral95

    ATAR Estimate

    Hey Guys just need a rough estimate now 2011 School Rank: around 200s 2012 School Rank : 600 (it was the worst year ever with only 1 band 6, but I'm confident this year we have a much stronger cohort) Maths Ext 1 1/12 (beating the 2nd guy by at least 15%) Maths Ext 2 2/5 (Joined classes...
  20. integral95

    Standard English dragging down my ATAR

    So yeah I'm doing some of the higher scaling subjects like 4U maths and chemistry and I'm doing great with those, but I can't simply deal with english. I'm doing English standard and my rank is maybe just in the top 15 after doing pretty bad in my half yearlies. I currently attend a school that...