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  1. minzoir

    Who here is trying to get into a course for 2nd and final round offers?

    Hey guys, just wondering: How many people are hoping to get into a course in the 2nd or final rounds of uac offers? Also, has anyone been offered a course already but is hoping to get into a different one? - for me, I got into B Business at UTS but I am hoping to get into either B Commerce at...
  2. minzoir

    Can you buy textbooks for tablets? i.e. Kindle or Ipad?

    Hey guys, just wondering if it were possible to buy your allocated textbooks online and read them on a tablet instead of buying or borrowing a physical copy? Just thought this would save a lot of pain lugging big books around (doing business course so will have a few books). Has anyone ever seen...
  3. minzoir

    Post your tips and hints for first-years.

    Hey all, congrats on your offers for UTS! Just wondering if any of the more experienced UTS'ers could shed some light on some little things to remember when attending the university (or surrounding areas). Things like: Best times to go to the library (and best spots) Good and cheap places to...
  4. minzoir

    Missed ATAR Cut-off for my DREAM course by 0.05!?!

    So as we all know, offers came out last night (18th Jan). I've had my eyes on B commerce at UNSW (like many others) all year. I missed this years cut-off by 0.05 (i got 96.25 with bonus points), and received an offer for UTS business instead. Is there any chance at all of getting in at the 2nd...
  5. minzoir

    Do bonus points correlate to ATAR points?

    This may sound like a silly question but I would really like confirmation. Do the bonus points from universities equal the same amount in extra ATAR points. i.e. if I get 2 bonus points from a band 5 in Advanced English for courses at UNSW does that bump my ATAR up 2 points when I am considered...
  6. minzoir

    Missed Cut-off for Commerce by 0.35????

    Hey Guys, I need some advice, So I got an Atar of 94.25, also will receive 2 bonus points for band 5 in Eng Adv. - (1st question: do these 2 points correlate to 2 atar points?) The cut-off for the course is 96.7 (2011) so assuming the answer to the above question is yes then I will only just...
  7. minzoir

    All MY Software Design and Development Summary Notes

    Hey Guys, Just posting up all my notes for the subject. Don't expect anything super duper quality, I finished them a few days before the exam and haven't gone through to error check any typos and such. Hopefully you find them of use though. I did the option topic "Software Developer's view on...
  8. minzoir

    All my entertainment industry notes

    Hey Guys, Thought I would give back to the forum, even though not many people frequent this section. This is for all the Entertainment people. Here I have compiled ALL of the notes on the hsc online website into a nice, comprehensive and easily referenced work document. Complete with clear...
  9. minzoir

    And the Fish appears in EVERY SINGLE SDD PAPER

    So. Basically, for some reason the Software Design and Development exam writers have an obsession with putting something about fish and/or fingers into the SDD exams. This year they tried to subtly get away with it by using the Software Development company "Salmon Software Enterprises", "PHYSH"...
  10. minzoir

    Do you believe in true love? (srs)

    Do you believe in true love? As in, an undeniable, unconditional and infallible love for another person? Do you define true love as something else? Do you believe that hollywood movies and 90's indie pop songs provide an unrealistic preconception of the idyllic relationship with someone of the...
  11. minzoir

    What If I Just Miss The Cut-off For My Desired Course By 2 Marks?

    Hey Forum, (I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area, mod can you please move if you see) So I put the marks I estimated I would receive going off how well I feel I have gone in my exams and it is below the cutoff for the course I want to get into by about 2 ATAR points. Is there a chance I...
  12. minzoir

    Feel like you've lost motivation? READ THIS!

    Hey guys, Made this thread for the year 12s of 2012 but I thought those that are doing exams now might find it of use. http://community.boredofstudies.org/showthread.php?t=268678 I still have 3 exams left while heaps of people are already finished so it is getting hard to hold the...
  13. minzoir

    Can I get an ATAR of 97?

    I need 97 for my dream course, but I am aiming for 90. What sought of raw marks would I need with my relatively low scaling subjects to achieve this? Here are my trial marks: English Advanced 72% rank: 7/34 Business Studies 84% rank: 1/9 Software Design and Development 81% rank: 1/7...
  14. minzoir

    Entertainment Band 6 Cut off??

    Hey guys, I know this section of the forum gets very little tender loving care, but I was wondering if anyone could give me a roughish estimate of the band 6 cut off for VET entertainment? Since there are no textbooks available and not heaps of people in the course I was wondering if it would be...
  15. minzoir

    Here are the solutions to the paper (marked by my teacher)

    I wrote the answers to all my questions on the exam so i could take them out and my teacher could mark them. some of them I got wrong, my teacher said I got about 95/100 so I tried to remember the actual answers to the ones I got wrong. I only wrote the final answers, not the working out. Also...
  16. minzoir

    What did you get on the 2010 General Math Exam?

    Anyone that has done it as a practice recently: How did you go? I hope tomorrow's exam is similar, got 95/100.
  17. minzoir

    Band 6 Cut off for Music 1

    Hey guys, Can anyone give me a rough idea of the usual band 6 raw cut off mark for Music 1?
  18. minzoir

    For Those Who Are Not Yet Motivated:

    Hey there, This thread is mainly targeted at those who are struggling to see the whole HSC picture and are finding it difficult to get into the schoolwork and study. I know that many of you are already powering along but for some this whole "YR 12!" business just hasn't sunk in. I am a bit of...
  19. minzoir


    When I'm in a math exam I have this fear of doing any questions without the aid of my calculator. For example, even simple addition like 35 + 15 I MUST do. I already know the answer but I will use my calculator to check because I am petrified of making those stupid rookie mistakes. Does anyone...
  20. minzoir

    Mollymook 2011?

    Anyone going to Mollymook for schoolies? I'm not really keen on spending all the money for Gold coast, regardless of how great people make it out to be. Sharing a big house close to the beach and I'm only paying $50 for accommodation. It's going to be a good place to just hang out and chill...