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    Hi!! I want to use anki for economics, geography and maths. I currently use it to memorise english quotes and techniques. It has proven to be amazing for these, but is it worth it to make anki flashcards for eco and geo? Should I actually take the time to make the cards? Unless a kind soul has...
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    Economic Textbook

    hey!! If you happen to know where I can get purchase the pdf version of the Dixon economics 2021 year 11, could you please direct me to it? this will be much appreciated because since our school is public the publisher will not allow us to have the textbook, which is extremely unfair ;(
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    I have to write speech for this question and it is really confusing to me O.O Please help me interpret it and dissect it!!! Speculative narratives are vital acts of hope for the future, a commitment to both society and to the self.' How is this idea represented in both the Handmaid's Tale...
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    our teacher gave us a practice question on: Examine factors that influence the demand and supply of labour I'm really really bad at economics!! Please provide tips/example on how to approach this question tyyy!! If yall have done any similar questions and also have resources on this please...