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  1. walking_travesty

    Related Texts - One, At Least One, Two

    Just wondering whether you think BOSTES will specify between one, at least one or two related texts for Mod C this year. I'm doing People and Politics and hope to god that they say two because I hate my first related (and set text but what can you do) but it's too late for me to change it. What...
  2. walking_travesty

    Learning All Poems

    Hi! :) I'm doing Dobson as well and although it is a possibility that they could specify a poem for us to write on, I would say it's super unlikely. Different schools choose different set texts and I assume the BOSTES would try to make the questions as fair as possible across each section of the...
  3. walking_travesty

    Post grad teaching/education qualifications?

    Postgraduate teaching options are: Diploma - 1 year course Masters of Teaching - 2 years Although I'm still in year 12 and deciding on whether primary/secondary education would suit me better, I would be realistic and take a look at the job market/what you're actually interested in. Personally...
  4. walking_travesty

    Becoming a High School Mathematics Teacher

    HEY MAN You and I are pretty much the same in terms of career goals ^^ I've talked to a number of teachers and they all have differing opinions - I reckon if you're not 110% sure on becoming a math teacher the best option/s would be to do the B Adv. Maths (which would mean you're a little...
  5. walking_travesty

    Girls who look at me

    Re: I don't know what to name this thread. I'm a very shy person by nature although I'm extroverted, and would be flattered if some guy I was staring at (for the right reasons hopefully XD) walked up to me and started talking real casually like friends :) I agree with the whole "don't assume...
  6. walking_travesty

    Pros/Cons of 10 units

    Hello Everyone! :) I'm at a crossroads again and want to drop to 10 units. What are the best reasons for doing so? I'm currently on 12, with Business Studies being the subject that I want to discontinue. I've been doing pretty badly and my teacher isn't really helping either, but I don't...
  7. walking_travesty

    What is your favourite breed of dog?

    Kinda have a thing for Border Collies, Labradors, and Pembroke Welsh Corgis :)
  8. walking_travesty

    Is it too late????

    No seriously - I'm exactly the same. Before heading overseas to visit my grandparents, I had one day to complete all the necessary holiday homework (like an essay and creative and flashcards.) And after that, I did absolutely nothing. Finished Naruto, got onto the Shippuden after starting the...
  9. walking_travesty

    Your subject regrets

    SAME SAME OHMYGODDDDDDD I have so many regrets about subjects it's not even funny. Like I can't even believe how stupid I was back in the day. Like each school day is a living hell given how much I hate all my subjects. But in particular... Regret: - Business Studies - freakin piss boring and...
  10. walking_travesty

    What do you call a song with no chorus?

    Maybe a ballad? But I'm not too sure. Which favourite songs? :)
  11. walking_travesty

    Was what the teacher said fair?

    Woah that teacher is so uncalled for!! What she said was totally out of line and it's definitely not fair on you to to have her behave in such a rude manner direct towards you. As someone who aspires to teach senior mathematics one day, it's actually not that big a deal to have students doing...
  12. walking_travesty

    Good and Decently Priced Restaurants?

    Yeah Korean BBQ sounded good to me but there are so many restaurants around. Do you have like a specific restaurant that you like? :) I hear Strathfield's got some great Korean places though, but yeah... no idea where to go.
  13. walking_travesty

    Good and Decently Priced Restaurants?

    Honestly I'm up for anything!! I'm easy and trying out a new places would be nice too =] None of us are fussy eaters, so anything goes :)
  14. walking_travesty

    Good and Decently Priced Restaurants?

    Just planning in advanced so I know how much to save - I want to take my parents out for their birthdays and am interested in any restaurant recommendations from y'all ^^ Name, location and link to online menu (if applicable) and if you could rate the food in general/what you ordered that would...
  15. walking_travesty

    What is your HSC challenge gunna be?

    Hello!! I'm going to have to break down my response a bit here... One of the things I know about myself is that I'm actually so bad under pressure. And since there's so much competition at my school, expectations from parents, teachers, myself, it's going to be a challenge to juggle all of...
  16. walking_travesty

    Can I use a previous edition of Tim Riley's economics textbook?

    LITERALLY the Economics text books are the biggest rip in the entire world not even kidding like the information is EXACTLY the same in each textbook they just 'tweak' the statistics in them but you can always google the new ones so it's not such a big deal. Like I have major regrets choosing...
  17. walking_travesty

    Does anyone else feel really pressured into certain career paths?

    HECK YEAH ohmygod. My dad's side of the family are very business-oriented people who prize academia, and my mum's side are all pure academics. My entire family is literally filled with doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants... and one cousin who works in H&R (who married an actuary lols). I...
  18. walking_travesty

    become a math or science teacher?

    Hello! I'm almost the same in terms of the going into a secondary education-type career - I'd like to teach maths though :) From my own research, Maths/Science teachers are in huge demand. Articles in the paper and what not say that there is a mass undersupply of Maths and/or Science teachers...
  19. walking_travesty

    Picking up science again in uni WITHOUT a bridging course?

    Hello everyone, Long story short, I had a really bad teacher who screwed up my foundations in science and subsequently made me hate it and not try all, before dropping it at the end of year 10. Now that I've grown up a bit and have developed an interest in science, I'd really like to pick it...
  20. walking_travesty

    Dentistry vs Actuary

    Wow okay - first off, congrats on the amazing ATAR :) You're quite different from me because Economics makes me want to punch myself... but then again, so do the rest of my subjects. My cousin married an Actuary and he's earning amazing money and getting his life together even though he's in...