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  1. my_dirigible

    How to earn a title

    Just out of curiosity, how does one earn one of those crazy titles awarded to each member like “Exalted member” etc… right now I’m a “new member” but I’d really like something cooler ;) I’m guessing it has to do with the amount of posts you’ve posted… but what is the cut-off number for each title?
  2. my_dirigible


    ugh, what does the term 'limitations' refer to again when analising an experiment *looks stupid* I've completely forgotten, the last experiment i did (involving indipendant thought) was six months ago dammit!
  3. my_dirigible

    Patricia Piccinini

    Does anyone know the names of the actual creators of Piccinini's work? i can't find them anywhere on the internet.
  4. my_dirigible

    Art masturbation

    Is anyone else tired of the wanky language necisary for being "good" at art? i for one am sick of "making informed descisions" and "refining" and "communicating complex concepts through a sophisticated use of artistic mediums" I just want to create something from my own subconcious and...
  5. my_dirigible

    Modelling transformers

    Can anyone help me with my independent investigation on modeling transformers? I know the basics but Ive been a damn lazy art student up until now so this assessment needs to be great to pull my rank up. Please please help.. I'll grovel and lick your boot if necessary *looks pitiful*