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  1. Arrowshaft

    Maths Practice Papers New Syllabus!

    Hey guys! I’m an outgoing year 12 student this year who did ext 1 and 2 maths. I’m pretty passionate about maths and I hope that your affinity for maths hasn’t been damaged by the lack of resources for the new syllabus, so I aim to make a practice paper for all of you. Just to let you know, it...
  2. Arrowshaft

    ARC NESA Band 5/6 Responses

    On the ARC nesa site, do the band 5/6 responses usually represent the upper ends of the band 5 responses and band 6 responses or is it just generally mixed? I ask this because I want to find and analyse just pure band 6 responses, not exposed to the possibility of a response being at a band 6...
  3. Arrowshaft

    Purchasing Raw Marks and Remarking

    Hey guys, Okay, so I know that to receive your raw marks you’ll have to pay for a clerical check and what not and it costs ~$30 (except for English). However, my question is that I’ve heard people say even if they notice an error in counting that should bring your mark DOWN that they cannot do...
  4. Arrowshaft

    Physics Exam 2019 Questions Thread

    Hey guys, in preparation for the physics exam, I thought I’d start a question thread where we ask each other questions and take turns answering them as revision, since we also don’t have many materials for revision. I’ll start off with the question: Explain how the cosmic microwave background...
  5. Arrowshaft

    Using 4U techniques in 3U

    Hey there, was wondering if we are allowed to use 4U techniques such as implicit differentiation to \dfrac{d}{dt} both sides of an equation for related rates as its so much easier than using chain rule. If we cannot, is there an assortment of techniques we can use from 4U is there simply no...
  6. Arrowshaft

    Atar estimate pls

    School rank ~ 250-300 all raw marks for trials, Maths ext 2 - rank 1/4 - 88% (CSSA) Maths ext 1 - rank 1/21 - 99% (CSSA) Physics - rank 1/14 - 96% (Mixed, but seemed wayyy easier) Chemistry - rank 1/17 - 93% (Same as above) English Adv - rank 4/33 - 84% (CSSA) Last year, we got at least...
  7. Arrowshaft

    3U Maths Prelim Finals Disaster

    So you may know me before as being the guy that posted the thread “Should I do 4u?”, anyways, we just had our prelim maths finals today... it was a disaster and I feel so fricking sad and depressed. I prepped so hard and I did so well in past papers getting 95-100 on average with like 15-30 mins...
  8. Arrowshaft

    Should I do 4u?

    Hey, I currently go to a school ranked about 250s and I am considering doing 4u. My mark in the first assessment task we got for extension was 99% (average was 56%) and my 2u mark was 100% but the thing is our school has easy tests and IDK if the kids are actually trying. I would just pick up 4u...