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  1. walking_travesty

    Related Texts - One, At Least One, Two

    Just wondering whether you think BOSTES will specify between one, at least one or two related texts for Mod C this year. I'm doing People and Politics and hope to god that they say two because I hate my first related (and set text but what can you do) but it's too late for me to change it. What...
  2. walking_travesty

    Pros/Cons of 10 units

    Hello Everyone! :) I'm at a crossroads again and want to drop to 10 units. What are the best reasons for doing so? I'm currently on 12, with Business Studies being the subject that I want to discontinue. I've been doing pretty badly and my teacher isn't really helping either, but I don't...
  3. walking_travesty

    Good and Decently Priced Restaurants?

    Just planning in advanced so I know how much to save - I want to take my parents out for their birthdays and am interested in any restaurant recommendations from y'all ^^ Name, location and link to online menu (if applicable) and if you could rate the food in general/what you ordered that would...
  4. walking_travesty

    Picking up science again in uni WITHOUT a bridging course?

    Hello everyone, Long story short, I had a really bad teacher who screwed up my foundations in science and subsequently made me hate it and not try all, before dropping it at the end of year 10. Now that I've grown up a bit and have developed an interest in science, I'd really like to pick it...
  5. walking_travesty

    Nursing - UTS or USyd?

    Hi Everyone, I've been pretty set on teaching for a while however have had an existential crisis (more like I never, ever want to come back to school ever no matter what since I hate it more than anything,) so have looked into other options such as Nursing :) Which is the best university...
  6. walking_travesty

    HELP: Economics

    Economics is the worst subject in the entire world and I fucking hate it Teacher sucks more than anything (I don't know what makes me want to shoot myself more - him or the content) - He doesn't give out resources or notes - He doesn't explain anything, no concepts no nothing - He plays...