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  1. wrong_turn

    you are at uni and where?

    quad comlabs lab 10
  2. wrong_turn

    what about reality tv shows piss you off the most?

    i cant stand the fact that....actually reality tv just shits me because i just really dont care. and when it replaces something that was really awesome..then it shits me
  3. wrong_turn

    VSU to compulsory again under Rudd legislation?

    Revolution on campus hey it looks like we might have to pay a small student fee again. i never thought it would be coming back again. i was getting use to not having to pay anymore haha discuss and murder each other in the discussion as you all normally do.
  4. wrong_turn

    what do you hate about exam locations?

    wtf randwick? wtf manure? wtf when your at uni and 4/5 of the rest of your course is at randwick? please comment on your own experiences of your exam locations or exams in general.
  5. wrong_turn

    recommendation for a video editor?

    is there one which you prefer over another. right now im using power director 6 but im wishing to change it due to some missing features which i need. i cannot name them as i dont know their proper names. is there one which is probaly better than this? or one that you like using? and for...
  6. wrong_turn

    post up yout timetable first years!

    hey start posting up your timetables. you never know, you might be in a tutorial with a bored member without knowing it!! lectures is a great possibility that you would be with other bored members as i constantly see sunjet and casmira in my lectures.
  7. wrong_turn

    random faculty of commerce/economics pictures

    as the thread has implied, post pictures of commerce/economics students, photos of lectures or even tutorials and then post it all up.
  8. wrong_turn

    excuses so that you can quit your job

    so what reasons would you use to tell your employer so that you can quit your job.... err try to be sensible about it...i cant think of any.
  9. wrong_turn

    which job is better ( i know they are equally shit)

    well i currently work at hungry jacks in king street and i also work at dominoes. im in the inital stages of working for each. the one at HJ it is about 50-60 mins travel for me. for dominoes it is 5 mins. which pay is better? the factors is that HJ seems to be a good working environment...
  10. wrong_turn


    since i am an hsc-leaver, how far should my reports go? the beginning of year 11 or the beginning of year 12?
  11. wrong_turn

    ancient history exams

    i think anceint history is the most tardy examinations as there is a great load of paper in which you choose only 4 questions out of 70+ questions. well some tips that i would like to pass on in examinations is: - during reading time fold over the pages with the question you will answer. i...
  12. wrong_turn

    Leopold von Ranke notes :D

    well i cant be bothered doing it as an attatchment. however i will give you some really important points about von Ranke which could make you stand out ( obviously after i type it in, it wont be ) but the type of history written by the historian is influenced by external influences as one should...
  13. wrong_turn

    how many of the prescribed text?

    how many of the presribed text are we meant to have in our essays?? to be mor specific with my essay, for "the justice game," how many are we meant to know. i know some of you will say to know all of them, but what is the minimum requirement in your opinion of how many you should know for the...
  14. wrong_turn

    B Science in regards to psychology

    i have looked at B science and b science (advanced) at unsw. however, what would be a good study pattern to attain a psychology accreditation? what subjects would i look to be doing? thanks for any help
  15. wrong_turn


    what would be termed as long term misadventure? what is the minimum period for it to be termed as the type of misadventure aforementioned? is it 3 months? 4 months? please give your thoughts asap thanks people :)
  16. wrong_turn

    Community justice centre cases

    could anyone find any cases regarding community justice centres. it would be much appreciated if anyone could give me any asap. thanking you all in advance.
  17. wrong_turn

    CJC cases

    cjc otherwise known as community justice centres. does anyone have any cases which exist that have come from the CJC. i really need it asap!!! thanking you all in advance!!
  18. wrong_turn

    uni open day meet ups

    next week is uws open day on saturday and the week after next is the three city uni open days. is there gonna be any meet-ups?
  19. wrong_turn

    combined degrees...

    i want to do both psychology and law, however, if i do both, does that mean i have to combine them? most of the combined degrees are psych/law, but they are majored from other faculties rather than from the psychology department. these are also 3 years which would not allow me to be...
  20. wrong_turn

    application of calculus to the physical help

    i find that i dont really understand this topic very well. or not at all get it as well. can anyone give me tips on how to understand this topic in regards to the sub-topics within this topic? i also have trouble with this question. the rate of chage in the radius of a sphere is...