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  1. unknown88

    Someone fainted in my exam hall

    Well we were doing english and about 15minutes in a girl fainted and got taken away from the exam hall....she never returned and hearing from friends she went hospital....whats going to happen with her mark?
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    Is it just my school but are those HSC examiners all ugly and old? l wish my school had like some hot milf teacher as an HSC examiner.
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    Official 2012 HSC group! Join and share.
  4. unknown88

    Short answers

    "students will expect a different nature of questions in the 2011 English paper 1 section 1".
  5. unknown88

    Belonging essay

    Wtfff!!!!! Belonggingg esssayyy! "students will be tested on how they can adapt there essays to places and change, incorporating aspects of belonging throughout."
  6. unknown88

    English Paper 1 section 1

    Any tips? how can you find techniques in poems, long passages and in pictures etc? obviously l know how to find techniques, but any easy ways to identify them? thanks.
  7. unknown88

    Business people

    can you use more then one case study (Just want to confirm) bcs l want to use numerous examples of different business not more so concentrate on one business
  8. unknown88

    Are you f*cked or prepared?

    Are you f*cked or prepared?
  9. unknown88

    Most users online record!

    Can the HSC 2011 students beat the record of most users online? The previous record is, "Most users ever online was 1,773, 16 Dec 2009." So on the release of ATAR'S (l presume December 16th, correct me if l am wrong) can you get your friends to come online. :D
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    when quoting techniques from a book written out as a play example shoe horn sonata.. do we hav 2 name the scene and act?
  11. unknown88

    Paper 1 english!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where can l get past exams for belonging? (Besides past hsc papers)
  12. unknown88

    How to relieve stress when studying!

    Listen to this beautiful music by John O Callaghan fuarkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ( go to 1min 28secs)
  13. unknown88

    Feedback from teachers on english teachers!

    Feedback from teachers on english essays Is it just my school but are teachers feedback basically impossible to read?
  14. unknown88

    Chem raw marks

    l got 60 percent in 09 hsc what is this roughly hsc mark?
  15. unknown88

    Hsc 2012

    join this group please :) and share!
  16. unknown88

    Raw marks.

    What are the raw marks to get these hsc scores (rough approx.)? chem- 75 phys- 80 2unit maths-85 english std- 75
  17. unknown88

    Business Raw marks

    what is the raw mark for mid band 5 ?
  18. unknown88

    Which engineering degree?

    Atm my atar prediction is 80 on the dot roughly. l know my external HSC exams have a big determing factor in my ATAR but just for this scenario we will go by that my ATAR will be roughly low 80's. Which preference should l put higher? Diploma of engineering (UNSW) - ATAR (n/a), first time it is...
  19. unknown88

    ATAR estimate.

    School rank: 270-280 English Standard - 16/120 Chemistry - 11/17 2u maths - 23/40 3u maths - 19/26 Physics - 16/27 Business Studies - 16/52
  20. unknown88

    Question 9 and 10

    What is the best way to study for 2u maths q9 and 10, besides doing past papers.