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    The physical process of swapping tutes

    What does the physical process of swapping tutes envolve? Or what is the best way etc. (for those who have done it before). Do you talk to the other person on the phone or msn and get on eStudent/unregister while the other person swaps and then you swap in? Or do you physically both go...
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    PSY234 - anyone in Thurs 9-11 tutorial want to swap for Thurs 2-4?

    In the off chance someone on here is doing PSY234 and has the Thurs 9-11 tutorial, would you please please PLEASE like to swap for the 2-4 tutorial :P? (that I am enrolled in). Thought I'd offer here before the blackboard discussions open.
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    People's reactions when you say "I study Psychology"

    Has anyone noticed when someone asks what you study at Uni, and you say "Psychology" - there is a little moment of awkwardness, maybe a strange look or silence? WHY? Is there something wrong with Psychology? Or studying Psychology? (I'm talking about public perceptions, i.e. don't troll about...
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    Most pathetic thing ever.....(packed bag).

    I still have my physics books packed in my school bag from my very last exam last year. GOddddd. I wonder if I'll ever unpack it.
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    2009 THES rankings

    The Australian universities in the top 200 are the Go8 + Macquarie. [2009 rank] [2008 Rank] [Name] [Country] 17 16 Australian National University Australia 36= 38 University of Melbourne Australia 36= 37 University of Sydney Australia 41 43 University of Queensland Australia 45 47...
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    Group of 8 Unis..what happens if one ranks below 8?

    So..what would happen if Adelaide ranked 9th for one year? Would Go8 banish them and let in whoever was 8th for that year :S?
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    Slight RANT About "WHAT UNI CAN I GET INTO?"

    I have to say, that it is becoming irritating when SO many people say, I got X, what can I get into? Firstly, don't you think if you were really enthusiastic you'd already have researched all the Unis and their cut offs? Secondly, would you really trust one or two people to tell you something...
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    Ok, I've heard it's extremely easy. Are practicals compulsory? Are tutorials compulsory? I hope it can be another "STAT170" unit I never need to go to, but can manage a HD. (Though I also heard it's extremely difficult to get a HD too, so maybe not). thanks
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    Can't log into WiFI at uni, or read Journals/log in through LIbrary etc..

    Ok, not well explained :P. But basically, I'm trying to access Journals however it says my username/password is incorrect (When it launches to an external site e.g Ovid Journals). I also could not use WiFi on my iPhone today (username/password also incorrect). Is there something going on...
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    Ubar drink costs

    I heard $8 for a jug of beer is this true? Since I'm a bit of a pussy does anyone know how much Vodka mixed drinks are :P? kthx.
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    B Computer Science enroll in units help/Math 130/135

    So my brother decided to enroll at Macquarie very late (Today), for his offer of B Computer Science. But beside eStudent fucking up every second, he is having issues with the maths units. Program of Study - 2009 Course Handbook - Macquarie University It appears MATH135 is compulsory for this...
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    Choosing Tutorials/Lectures

    Hey, I have a friend who enrolled @ USYD but claims he has not selected times for Tutorials/lectures/pracs etc.. I'd imagine everyone should have done this by now (at least we have at MQ) so I'm just posting for him to see if he has massively fucked something up, or does this happen soon...
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    Prereq of 200 unit.

    The Prerequisites of a 200 level unit is '15CP'. Do these need to be completed? Or could I just take it second semester first year and completing 12 and being enrolled in another 12? Thanks
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    STAT 170 - Semester 1 or 2

    This is probably a stupid question and I have no idea how it can even be answered, but is it better to do STAT170 during semester 1 or 2? (I suppose it would depend around other units/when they are offered too but I mean other things: e.g Maybe there are 'theories' about the kind of people that...
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    Psychology students - what units are you doing?

    I need ideas, what other units are you doing next year? (First year units) Is there anything that may help us or should we pick units purely out of interest?
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    "My posts"

    what happened to the "my posts" button on the top of the page?
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    Law - credit average

    For those who are doing combined law, how hard is it to maintain a credit average in the law units? (at least in the first year) Considering I'd be just above the cut off assuming it doesn't change much) for a few programs it concerns me that I would probably be at the lower end of the scale...
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    Percentiles Pass/Credit/Distinction/HD and also scaling.

    Probably a n00bish question, but marks are allocated in Uni based off percentiles right? (at least that's what I heard). i.e top 5% get HD top 10% D 40% Credit etc.. (Pulling these out of no where, I have no idea) Is it different for each uni? Does anyone have a rough idea of the percentiles...
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    Standard Numerical Grade (SNG)

    What are these? I noticed them being used instead of GPA in the Psychology department, is this the same across the uni? In any case, what does 70 SNG translate to for GPA?
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    Cover letters for entry level jobs.

    Are cover letters necessary for entry level jobs? i.e Fast Food/Retail/Cinema style jobs etc..?' *Cringe*.