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  1. Glittery Chicken

    University of Sydney Medicine undergraduate

    Hey guys I wanted to ask if I have to sit for ucat if I want to do medicine at usyd. and is it a must to get a 99.95 to get in or is there a certain range which u can get in between? Thanks
  2. Glittery Chicken

    Guys is the UCAT Secrets Platinum Program worth it?

    I wanted to get a headstart so i tried researching possible resources and found UCAT Secrets. It claims that it made more than 80 percent of their cohort get into medicine and what not. However, the website doesnt tell the price of the course itself and many reddit articles are calling it a...
  3. Glittery Chicken

    Resources for non-linear maths

    Anyone know any good resources for non-linear maths. Particularly word questions with cubics or anything hard. thnxxxxxxx