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  1. unknown88

    How much do you BENCH PRESS?

    1 rep max is 100kg
  2. unknown88

    Someone fainted in my exam hall

    Well we were doing english and about 15minutes in a girl fainted and got taken away from the exam hall....she never returned and hearing from friends she went hospital....whats going to happen with her mark?
  3. unknown88

    HSC and its Multiple Problems

    Eat concrete and harden the f%ck up!
  4. unknown88


    strong join date is strong...
  5. unknown88


    i did my hsc last year...
  6. unknown88


    l wrote a whole essay on paper, folded it and put it into my undies....l went to the toilet and opened it and remembed the quote l forgot. THANK YAW. :spzz: i did my hsc last year... so just a suggestion to try that tomz, or any other exam ..trouble memorising a maths formula that isnt on the...
  7. unknown88

    Naughty 2012ers!

    i took aderoll during my hsc ;)
  8. unknown88

    audiobook textbooks/notes

    maybe try recording your own voice? just a suggestion
  9. unknown88

    plans for after HSC?

    pursue to be mod of this forum, just like my idol...iRuler.
  10. unknown88

    Spiral's Healthy Lifestyle Plan

    l hope it does lol
  11. unknown88

    Study tips :3

    take some aderoll ;)
  12. unknown88

    Freaking out over nothing? :/

    you sir....are going to fail.
  13. unknown88

    What HSC marks are you aiming for?

    about tree fiddy/500
  14. unknown88

    Spiral's Healthy Lifestyle Plan

    you mad? yeah you mad. stats: 191cm, 90kg, bf: 25%.
  15. unknown88

    Year 12 2012 Chit Chat Thread

    have fun have fun during the hsc! and fark yaw
  16. unknown88

    Anyone do a BA of Arts and commerce ? Need some serious help with timetabling

    ahhaha i have the same question as you but l am doing comm and engineering, im so confused! but l guess on 7th february enrolment day we can do all that shit, bcs we can only do draft timetable atm...we can actually set out our timetable on enrolment day
  17. unknown88

    Post Your 2012 University Offers Here!

    B Engin. / B Comm. @ Macq.
  18. unknown88

    MQ Roll Call 2012

    l am doing B Engin. (Mechatronic) / B Comm. (Accounting), very happy. :D
  19. unknown88

    wats ur gym routine

    he was the king of all trolls....and he obviously trolled you lol
  20. unknown88

    wats ur gym routine

    well yu rlly cant deny he was aesthetic (no homo), he did have 1000's of mirers bcs of his 'aesthetics'...tbh i dnt think girls go fuarkkkkk look at those massive calves there so fakrn juiccyyyyyyy, instead they look at ur abs, arms, shoulders, lats etc..