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  1. J

    Maths help

    So in my test, there was a multiple question which asked "What is the shape of a cross section in a prism" The possible answers were a) polygon b) circle and I forgot the rest. What would the answer be?
  2. J

    Need someone to verify if I got the right answer

    Find the gradient and y intercept of the line with each equation 4x + 3y - 12 = 0 = 3y= -4x + 12 = y = -4/3 + 4 Gradient = -4/3 Y intercept = 4 Text book’s gradient answer is a positive gradient of 4/3 Not sure if I’m wrong
  3. J

    Wouldn't doing easy subjects and getting high marks in them be better than doing harder ones

    Would it be more beneficial to do easy subjects and get high marks rather than hard ones so you can get a high atar?
  4. J

    Surface area of pyramid

    Stuck on these questions for weeks! My working out is 1/2 x 10 x sqrt120 + 1/2 x 10 x sqrt375 + 2 x 1/2 x 12 x sqrt256 I keep on getting 343.5968394 = 343.6 but the answer in the text book is 343.4
  5. J

    Which degree should i choose

    I want to pursue a degree which will in the future hopefully land me as a financial stockbroker? . Which degree will best suit me for these job prospects? A degree in commerce majoring in finance (USYD) or a bachelor of finance (ANU)? Also what's the difference between these degrees?
  6. J

    Will i be able to get a 95+ atar with these subjects

    Advanced Mathematics Modern History Economics Japanese Beginners English standard History extension
  7. J

    Is Standard English really an Atar killer and should i do advance instead?

    Subject selections are coming up this term and I'll have to make a daring decision whether to choose Standard or Advanced English. I'm aiming for an Atar of 80 but have heard that Standard murders your Atar and isn't that significantly easier than advanced. My essays skills are quite excellent...
  8. J

    Is this the correct working out for y^2/5 - 2 = 18

    y^2-10 = 90 y^2=100 y = +-square root of 100 y = +-10
  9. J

    Deciding if should do ext 1 maths

    Should somebody in year 10. 5.3 whose getting 62% for their tests do extension 1 maths? If I did do extension 1 maths I would probably get a private tutor. Also last year I was in 5.2 and got 89% for my yearly.