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    Where else can I study preliminary/HSC courses outside of school? I want to do Engineering Studies.

    I want to change from IPT to Engineering Studies so badly, but the school won't let me for obvious reasons. Where else can I study Engineering Studies? If there are possible alternatives, I will drop out of IPT as soon as possible. And a reminder: I'm talking about Engineering Studies, NOT...
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    Plz help me

    I want to change from Information Processes and Technology to Engineering Studies. The IPT cohort, content, and teacher are shit, and Engineering Studies is probably more relevant to my future studies. Plz help. This is urgent. It will be definitely too late soon if nobody responds.
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    Preliminary Engineering Studies In 1 Term

    Is there some sort of program where I can complete the preliminary Engineering Studies course in 1 term, so that in term 4, I can start the HSC course for the subject in school like everyone else? Please reply ASAP.
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    Subject Changing Mid-Year In Year 11

    Is it possible to change one of my subjects at this time of year, or is it too late? I don't really like IPT (low scaling, bad teacher, outdated content (which is also way too similar to the IST course from years 9 and 10), and a pretty bad cohort), and I want to change it to something that I...