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    Gran Torino

    awesome ending, that all i've got to say
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    i hate this subject

    Sooo MUCH
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    OMGGGG i've only got ONE relat text HELLLLWPPPP

    i'm fucked :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:
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    this test determine your life guys

    just thought i'd remind you like if you wanna be a surgeon and have worked for 5 years to eventually a suitible stage of qualifiction, but you got a shit UAI cause you were lazy in high school, changes are you won't be a surgeon. That UAI will be tattooed on your forehead for life, don't...
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    anyone else think this is unfair?

    This is gonna be a long post but i just can't belive this, i went to do my p's test for the 3rd time after improving my driving to the point where my family, friends and me thought yeh he'll pass, BUT:mad: thank to some hard ass testing officer, i failed for apparently making an illegal...