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    Q&A Thread - studying medicine and being a doctor

    Thank you for your reply, I'm not a Biology student but have collected a few secondhand Biology texts through high school. I have to put that on my list now. Thank you for starting this topic. Have to say, you've an impressive list of awards!
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    Q&A Thread - studying medicine and being a doctor

    First week of med & I'm feeling overwhelmed 😫,could you please offer any advice/strategies on studying the content - Phase 1? Thank you for any advice you could offer me.
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    Good laptops for Uni??

    Good point, will look into this. Thank you :)
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    Good laptops for Uni??

    Quick question- lectures and some tutorials are online due to the present situation therefore one can guess how much work is done on this machine; would it be advisable to buy another laptop? Current one does shut down from time to time I believe from overheating 🔥. Would appreciate any thoughts...
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    Dropping Physics

    Apologies for digressing here but I heard that there are new rules, if you wanna call them rules, to rural classification. Three or four years ago, if you are living outside Sydney in regional NSW, you'll probably be given the full EAS points & that will added to your selection rank in med...
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    Anyone doing medicine in uni rn?🧐

    All med schools are accredited by the AMC so they are essentially all the same. The topics of conversation you normally hear are on logistics (travel times to the campus? are you prepared to live on campus & for how long?), bonded and unbonded places, how many years it takes to finish your...
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    How difficult would a 89+ ATAR be given my meh start to year 12?

    Judging by your scores, getting an 89+ is achievable. You'll be surprise how well you'll do by merely keeping up with what you've got. Try to increase your rank for Maths & English Adv. look at it as a bonus. A small improvement should do it. Everyone feels a little demotivated at the start of...
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    Medicine 😎

    Yes. The cut-off for rural applicants is lower than the metro applicants. For JMP UON/UNE I believe the ATAR cut-off is 91.45. Only mentioning JMP here because you mentioned that you reside in Newcastle. Your aim of 99.85 will see you quite comfortable. As for the UCAT, in reality MSO reported...
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    Medicine 😎

    It is at least five years consecutively or ten years cumulatively so you should be alright, no worries.
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    Good laptops for Uni??

    Thanking you 'thetestdude' will pass this insight on. :)
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    Good laptops for Uni??

    Asking for a friend who is eyeing the Acer - Nitro 5 Notebook -I5/2.5GHZ - 8GB - 512GB. Although not a machine for serious gamers; may be alright for an Eng student on a budget. :oldconfused:
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    Good laptops for Uni??

    After some experiences, is a gaming laptop suitable for uni study purposes? Would appreciate if someone can highlight the pros and cons of having one. Not after the very expensive one but a budget gaming laptop to be used for study. Would be appreciative to hear your inputs.
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    I'm a civil engineer. Ask me anything you want to know about Civil Eng.

    Would you like to share if any, insights into the other Eng courses in UNSW? Let's say electrical or chemical eng. :)
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    Medical Science

    I know very little about the Doctor of Medicine at Macquarie. I'm not applying for the course. I'm just interested to know more about the faculty (just curious). Also your plans on how you are going to aim for Med. :)
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    Series prerequisite for Proof by induction?

    Yes it is highly encouraged for students to be able to recognise patterns of numbers as taught in sequences and series as a means of being able to tackle proof by induction more easily. The range of methods of induction in the extension 2 course are wide, however to my knowledge I know that...
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    Medicine 😎

    There was close to a riot on the MSO UNSW forum on Friday. Applicants with solid scores have been knocked back. An applicant with an ATAR of 99.55 and UCAT of 3210 is waiting for the next round. Apparently 99.60 is the lowest/selection rank. Imo, applicants with offers from UNSW have been coy to...
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    Medicine 😎

    Just reviving this, wondering how everyone went yesterday in regards to offers & their plans for the future. Thanks! :)
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    Does uni matter?

    I heard that some uni courses don't transfer easily from one uni to another. Therefore, the uni does matter. Correct me if I'm mistaken.
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    School rank, HSC and ATAR

    This is a good question & more relevant today than let's say a few years ago. Some students have fully investigated the different pathways to get into a particular career/line of work. There are peers who stayed on finishing year 12 & whilst doing so add select TAFE courses which would make...
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    EXTRA ATAR Points

    Extra points are added on applicants' ATAR who received successful EAS considerations. Be it because you are enrolled in a disadvantaged school or other considerations which placed you as disadvantaged. UAC will inform you of this which I think is a brilliant system. A new list of claims came...