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    Gapyear in Oz it also might help
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    Thinking about doing a Gap year have a few questions

    There are so many options -- you could even spend the year doing 3 or 4 different programs/ There are loads of options on a website called gap rap! It is really great!, it gives you loads of different options. I used it to plan my year and I am having an amazing time. :) :)
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    Gapyear in Oz

    I have heard some good things about ultimateOz but I think it depends on your specific placement! Maybe look at you might find some other ideas if you haven't already found one haha
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    Too late to take a Gap Year?

    If you are still considering this Letz Live are opening up 3 spots for gappers in the UK this September to December! You could defer uni! I guess just take a look at their website for application details, there is also heaps of programs on something called gap rap -- google it I guess! It is...
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    What are the major disadvantages of taking a gap year?

    I think gap years are a great idea IF THE ARE STRUCTURED! If they aren't they can be very unsuccessful! I am planning on myself (check out the website gap rap it has heaps of planning advice). I am going to asia for the first 6 months and then I will sit my umat in Singapore in July, which will...
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    Acting Gap Year?

    :( that sounds so amazing! I wish I has thought of that! What did you end up deciding?