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  1. Ziff

    Childish Behaviour of Teachers a Bad Example? Teachers ban minister from schools, TAFE The New South Wales Teachers Federation has passed a vote of no confidence in state Education Minister Andrew Refshauge and banned him from visiting public schools and TAFE campuses. The...
  2. Ziff

    Chris Taylor and Craig Reucassel Official Stalking/Appreciation Thread

    These boys are out there every day with fresh material on JJJ's Today/Today (3pm-5.30pm), they're a bit left, they're damn funny, Chris is occasionally filled with bad-taste (but that's why he's funny), they send up things really well and they did a fantastic job with CNNNN and The Chaser...
  3. Ziff

    Post Anchor

    To know the exact number of your post and the exact address of it is only possible when it is a new post. I was wondering if there was any other way of obtaining the address for a post. See, someone can send the address of a post to you when it's a new post because it will appear in the...
  4. Ziff

    The Family Guy's Peter Griffin v. Michael Moore

    v. I'll let you make up your mind! (They look similar no?)
  5. Ziff


    Just for your reference if you want to use it in an essay or assignment: S. 43 Family Law Act 1975 The Family Court shall, in the exercise of its jurisdiction under this Act, and any other court exercising jurisdiction under this Act shall, in the exercise of that jurisdiction, have regard...
  6. Ziff

    Good News, Everyone

    "The NSW Teachers Federation Executive has determined that the 24 hour stoppage on Wednesday, 2 June 2004 will go ahead. At Sky Channel meetings members will be informed of the latest developments and vote on a recommendation for further action." -...
  7. Ziff

    Hurstville Legal Studies Lecture (15th June 2004)

    Who is going to this, who has been to this and what do they know about it?
  8. Ziff

    Tips for your stories :P

    The plot thickens, if you use lots of adjectives and a garden guide There's another way a few trees can make a book, writes Richard Glover. With the Sydney Writers Festival under way, many readers have contacted me wondering how they might become writers, so as to be invited to the...
  9. Ziff

    Transfer of Car Registration and Licence

    Is it cheaper to register your car and get your licence in the ACT than it is in NSW? If you have your red Ps and you get an ACT Provisional Licence and then do that $66 course that means you don't have to display plates and can go at the maximum speed limit right? Anyone got any other...
  10. Ziff

    B Arts (International Studies/B Laws

    So what can you tell me about this course. After going to the careers expo UTS is now on the list! The International Studies looks interesting and useful, especially if I want to go to Europe after uni or join the diplomatic corps... Anyone have any experience with it? Also, what's UTS law...
  11. Ziff

    Ways of Thinking

    Alright, considering that all the threads here are about the electives e.g. Retreat from the Global. No one has addressed the question of the actual modules. At my school, the assessments have so far focused upon the Module Statement as opposed to the Elective Statement. In the module...
  12. Ziff

    Expansion of the EU

    1st May 2004, 10 new countries, 8 of them ex-Socialist nations will join the European Union. The Australian media, particularly the SMH seems to be taking up the most negative attitude to the experiment. It seems to be focusing mainly on the worst aspects of the expansion, these problems are...
  13. Ziff

    Informing the Ignorant About the Law

    Hallo, I was wondering if any of you have ever been in a situation where you had to inform someone or a company about what the law actually is as opposed to what they were telling you it is and how you went about telling them? See, I want to rent this property, however, the real estate...
  14. Ziff

    Loquacious One

    Hallo, Seeing as the non-school forum has been removed from the post count meaning that most of the posts counted are now technically relevant and no longer as frivolous as before, I think we should no longer be labelled as "Loquacious One" once we hit that level. Loquacious has...
  15. Ziff

    Usefulness of monitor heat

    Has anyone here (with a CRT monitor) realised they can use their monitor for useful purposes? Here are some that I do use it for: - Quickly bringing Brie or Camembert cheese up to room temperature So does anyone else?
  16. Ziff

    ANU Explore Arts Day (21st May)

    So who knows anything about ANU Explore Arts Day, who is going and which schools are going? If any of you BOS ANU people see a rag-tag group of school students, please take pity and don't hurt us :P
  17. Ziff

    ANU Explore Arts (21st May)

    Ahoy! Anyone know which schools are attending this and who is going?
  18. Ziff

    Hilary Duff

    'Come Clean' and 'So Yesterday' are really good but the rest of the songs I've heard pale in comparison. Plus she couldn't get into the British top 20! Do you think that any time soon she'll fix her act and release more good songs?
  19. Ziff

    RFTG: Composition

    So what can you tell me about writing a story for RFTG? Don't make it overt and don't narrow it down to local good, global bad obviously so, List some suggestions/ideas on a wayt o write about RFTG that isn't obvious, explicit or blatant...
  20. Ziff

    The Horrors of Capitalism!

    1932 joke floating around in the official circles of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union: Question: What does it mean when there is food in the town but no food in the country? Answer: A Left, Trotskyite deviation. -- Question: What does it mean when there is food in the country but...