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  1. buriza

    B psychology at USYD -> clinical psych?

    I will tell you this: if you want to be a clinical psychologist in the future, you will need some measure of commitment. But by no means is it "too hard" or the "workload is too heavy." Honestly, I wouldn't consider myself much of a workaholic, giving gaming and procrastinating are two of my...
  2. buriza

    B psychology at USYD -> clinical psych?

    Preface: I don't go to USyd, but I'm starting my Honours year in Psychology, and requirements to become a clinical psychologist are standardised across Australia so I can mostly answer these questions. 1. Yes, 6 years minimum. You have to do Masters after Honours. Doctorate degree is also...
  3. buriza

    Tip on how to write a good thesis for an essay?

    It depends on the answer asked, but make sure it actually reflects what you think the answer is to the question. i.e. it aligns with your personal viewpoint of the text. Also make sure that it does answer the question - because this is the first place you'll go wrong. Don't make it too...
  4. buriza

    Not sure whether to drop.

    Really depends on whether or not you feel confident with doing well in the 10 units you'll have left over, since you won't have any leeway room. Basically my personal opinion of English Extension is that you'll probably need to have some commitment to the subject in order to do well, since...
  5. buriza

    How to write a two-perspective story in the exam?

    Don't think it's necessary to write in two different colours. Either use headings or scene breaks. If you do two perspectives effectively enough, the marker should be able to tell that it's a different voice. Unless you're intentionally making them sound similar for a twist at the end.
  6. buriza

    General thoughts: English Advanced Modules Paper 2

    No, you don't get any of that. You'll just get your examination mark and assessment mark, then averaged to make the HSC mark on your certificate (usually seen online and with no further comments other than the band). As teridax said, you have to pay to get your raw marks.
  7. buriza

    Why is standard English considered so bad?

    Should probably read this, OP: Or check out this summarised diagram:
  8. buriza

    Selective school vs public school

    Selective schools can be helpful for maximising ATAR, but it's still important that you consider which environment you'd thrive most in.
  9. buriza

    Life of Pi - Need some help

    Key themes or ideas - survival, morality, storytelling, religion, spirituality. Key scenes - basically anything related to Richard Parker whether it's first seeing him, having to survive with him or being abandoned by him, the whole island fiasco, the interview with the Japanese, etc. To be...
  10. buriza

    Hamlet Predictions

    Should be fine, unless you get a question on female characters. :P For most questions though you should be talking about Hamlet the most as a character.
  11. buriza


    No, you don't need to do Maths, and General doesn't do that much (at least compared to MX1 or MX2) for boosting your ATAR anyway unless you do reasonably well in it.
  12. buriza

    Parents Divorced

    I don't know if all of this is going to apply to you, but it's just some general lines of advice that I know have personally helped me when it's come to a situation like this. So hopefully it'll help you too. Know that it's not your fault, and that you shouldn't need to feel guilty for things...
  13. buriza

    Personality section

    As far as I know, the two questions generally place more emphasis on different parts of the syllabus. So the first question will be more concerned with historical context, background and maybe some of rise to prominence, while the second question will be more heavily weighted towards...
  14. buriza

    University life?

    It's more that sometimes people of the same race will just be naturally mingling with each other. It's also the case that in some degrees there tends to be a concentration of a certain race as opposed to another, so those people will see each other more often. Having said that though, like you...
  15. buriza

    What Uni for Psychology??

    UNSW offers a Masters in forensic psychology as far as I know. Either way, it doesn't really matter much which university you go to for undergrad when it comes to psychology, because you can choose a different university to apply to once you reach postgrad. You should probably do some research...
  16. buriza

    Structuring paragraphs with two related texts

    If they ask for one, do one.
  17. buriza

    Structuring paragraphs with two related texts

    Maybe this: - Intro - Prescribed text - Related text 1 - Prescribed text - Related text 2 - Conclusion Because I don't really know how you'll coherently link the prescribed text to both of the related texts with the order that you have it. Once again it depends how you do it, but how I picture...
  18. buriza

    Structuring paragraphs with two related texts

    I think I may have done separate for Mod A because for some reason I felt it put things clearer across? Basically it's all relative to be honest. My teachers always emphasised if you could do integrated you probably should because it'll be better but that's only IF you can do it quite good...
  19. buriza

    Structuring paragraphs with two related texts

    It's up to you whether or not you take an integrated approach, but even with an integrated approach you should probably be doing more than 1 technique per text. Generally speaking though if you haven't got the integrated approach down pat it's going to come off a little rusty so stick with your...
  20. buriza

    Name of the steps that occur in Meiosis

    May be wrong. 1. Interphase 2. Prophase 3. Metaphase 4. Anaphase 5. Telophase.