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    Mathematics past papers

    Is there a site or a google drive with lots of past papers for Maths? Edit: Not HSC, I mean like Term 1/2/3 assessment papers - from different schools
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    What are some techniques people use to write a lot in exams

    I've heard of and am trying to battery taped on the pen but what other techniques do you guys use to write faster/or more in an exam. Also, how many words can you write in 60 min.
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    HSC Examination Notifications

    This is probably a dumb question but for our internal assessments/exams we get a notification 2 weeks~ before the date of the task, which outlines what will be covered in that exam. For Trial HSC and the actual HSC do we get a notification which states what will be assessed or is it like everything?
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    Looking for an affordable SOR1 tutor for marking

    Looking for an affordable SOR1 tutor/person that is experienced in the study topic Islam, in particular Al-Ghazali, Bioethics and Hajj. I we have been given the questions and I want to perfect my responses prior to memorising them for the exam. PM me please, cheers.
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    Looking for exam tips/strategies top schools have

    After getting back some of my exams from last term I am really encouraged and was wondering if anyone is selling or can give top ranked schools tips and strategies (saw people talking about that), I am in a 100-120th ranked school and wondering if anyone has tips from top ones, cheers.
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    Have my subjects doomed me?

    I am not doing any crazy high scaling subjects like 4u of Maths or English I am doing; Eng Stand, Maths Stand 2, Modern History, Business, PDH and SOR1. How much harder will it be for me compared to other people (who are doing crazy subjects like 4u Maths/Eng) to get a 97/98/99 ATAR?