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    about the scholarship usage

    I've just received a scholarship from unsw. does unsw restrict the use of scholarships to academic purposes? . I.e. am I allowed to use it to buy myself 100 boxes of coke ,say :s thx in advance
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    Really pissed off by some topics in the syllabus

    Some of the topics just have got nothing to do with anything :( like, project management tools, communication techniques(e.g. interviews, user meetings, etc), copyright laws, software market and that. I mean, when in the future a company decide to hire me they will not be expecting a programmer...
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    About the percentile for maths ext 2

    Hi folks. The other day I input a mark of 92% (i.e. 110/120 of raw mark) into one of those ATAR calculators online. ( it uses 2009 data, BTW) I think it was either Matrix or Talent 100. The output in the field "percentile" was 75%. Then I changedthe input into 94% and the subsequent percentile...
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    am i in for some trouble?

    I confess that I've done something dodgy. When the supervisor issued the "stop" command I closed the booklet and flipped it open to finish a sentence. I was not caught by a supervisor, but I reckon there was closed-circuit cameras which the principal has access to. To be honest I'm quite guilty...