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    Mod 6 magnet and coil

    What would be a suitable sketch of the voltage - time graph when a magnet is dropped into a coil, how would the shape change if the south pole is inserted instead
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    Special rel

    Could someone explain how to do this, and the underlying principles. Thanks
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    Electromagnetic induction

    I am still struggling to understand the concept of EMF. So my understanding of EMF is that it will be produced when there is a relative motion between the magnet and the coil, and that this electromotive force is measured in volts. But I really dont understand how the relative motion creates...
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    Physics experiments terminology

    Thank you so much, I understand it now !
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    Physics experiments terminology

    Could someone please explain the differences among 'experimental, instrumental, systemic and random errors? Your help is appreciated :)
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    Mod 6 Indicators question

    Why are indicators often weak acids ? also why do indicators change colour when in contact with acids or bases ?
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    Titration question

    For titration between a strong acid and a strong base, is the net ionic always H+(aq). + OH - (aq) > H2O (l) or there are exceptions, considering when salts are formed, not all of them are soluble in aqueous form eg. carbonates bases
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    Wondering if limits for trig functions (small angles) is in the new syllabus ?

    Eg. lim as x approaches 0 for sinx over x
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    On ICE table

    Thank you so much!!!!! I understand it now :cool:
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    On ICE table

    What are ICE table used for and when do we use them ?
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    Solids and liquids in equilibrium constant

    I have been told by teachers and textbooks that when calculating the equilibrium constant, we do not take solids and liquids into account, but only the concentration of gases and aqueous molecules. I've tried searching for an answer online, but most came up with vague answers like: the...
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    Conductivity curves for titration

    Thanks bro, this is really helpful :)
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    Conductivity curves for titration

    Yo guys, In the textbook, it says that conductivity graphs are preferred over normal titration curves for the following reasons: - works well in diluted solutions - when species are at trace level - when using coloured or turbid solution - when system involves incomplete reactions - for...
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    Circular motion

    Yo guys, I've got a question: if an object is in circular motion and the net force is towards the centre of circle, then why does it not slide towards the center but instead stay in a circular path ? Thanks
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    Assessment task 1 resources

    Hey guys, Could you please share some assessment task 1 from your school (the one we just did in term 4) for maths extension 1. Thank you !
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    sad that Sydney Boys High doesn't have a single First in Course this year :(