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    Physics Tutoring : what is Zhang's really like?

    Go to matrix if you can get louise donelly (best chem teacher of all time)
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    Best Physics teachers at Matrix Education?

    Matthew palmer is really good if he still teaches (at epping when I had him in 2016), would definitely recommend
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    MX1 - 2020 Syllabus - changes + additions

    They've also taken out the binomial proofs/identities topic (one of the best topics imo) also have removed the a=d/dx(1/2v^2) and the a=vdv/dx bits from motion (which was also a nice bit)
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    thsconline - new and improved website

    Thanks for the advice to reset browser, I tried it with firefox instead of chrome just then and everything worked perfectly! Thanks
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    thsconline - new and improved website

    Hi there, Not sure if im doing something wrong but whenever I try to open a file, this comes up ive tried with many files but all of them give me the same result Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Self teaching 4u in holidays

    To be honest, I've never even seen one of the terry lee 3u textbooks in my life so would not be able to provide advice there. I've looked through the Nelson and Cambridge for the new syllabus as I am still tutoring the new syllabus and have found that Cambridge still has a lot of good questions...
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    HSC Marks Thread 2019

    Good luck all, can remember when I was in that boat. Somehow went to sleep easily, but woke up at 5am in time for results without even setting an alarm as if my body clock already knew
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    HSC 2019 First in Course

    Yep, state ranks come out around midday on the day of HSC results. The call is only for 1st in state.
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    Self teaching 4u in holidays

    I did a bit of this in the holidays before Year 12. Would definitely reccommend Eddie Woo's youtube channel for all his 4u topics, he covers them very well, used him alot to self teach integration & mechanics Terry Lee is the bible for 4u questions and comes with worked solutions aswell. He's...
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    Frameless glasses - yay or nay?

    big yeeeee. gonna get them as my next pair
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    Physics Tutoring : what is Zhang's really like?

    Matrix physics is great. Try to get either DJ kim or Matthew palmer as your teacher if you decide to go there.
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    4U Tutoring Options

    I reckon 1 tutor would be enough, just spend the rest of your time grinding out questions - Advanced mathematics by terry lee is a really good textbook for 4u questions.