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    FOR SALE: MKTG101 & ACST101 textbooks

    forgot i got all these books lying around somewhere...... Principles of Marketing by Kotler - $40.....the cover is a bit dusty & bent but inside its almost brand new and this is virtually half price ACST101 - Got course notes + the 2 text books + a lot of the notes they give out in...
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    transfer question

    Is it possible to transfer to a different uni after only doing 21 credit points in your first year of uni
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    Transfer Question

    I am a first year student if i want to transfer from one uni to another for next year do i need to apply through UAC like everyone else by September 30th?
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    I am interested in doing business at the city campus next year, currently I am in a similar course at mac uni. Does the business course provide the 1 year of work experience or is it only for IT/engineering courses? cant find the info on the website although im probably not looking hard...
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    Software Engineering

    Was considering transferring into this mid semester. Could anyone who is enrolled help me out 1) How difficult is the course? 2) how many hours a week? 3) is the majority practical (coding) or theory/social issues 4) what language is used? 5) is it possible to combine the course...
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    First Day

    How was everyones first day? what clubs did you all join? Does anyone know where we go to change classes?
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    Problem - Need Advice

    I got the flu fairly bad at the moment, literally had to crawl here to post this I am hoping it will pass by Monday but if not what should I do?? Got no idea what my options are - trust this to happen to me
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    Design Specifications

    What exactly is involved in the 'design specifications' in the defining the problem stage?
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    King Lear

    Obviously you have to have knowledge of the usual things such as themes, plot, characters, quotes etc How indepth do you have to know the readings and productions? Is general knowledge of how certain scenes could be slanted to offer a certain interpretation (Such as feminist) enough? And...
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    PHysics Question Scroll down to question 21........I got a rough idea but if anyone could give a definite answer thanks
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    What do you guys include in the "Draw a storyboard for a such and such" question How detailed do you make it and what do you include?
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    Effective start

    Anyone got any good definitions of change or change in perspective?
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    HSC advice line

    when does it open? what can we use it for? how much does it cost?
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    Age of silicon option

    Is anyone doing it? Had a quick look and it overlaps strongly with my SDD option topic, was considering making the most of it and study that instead of wasting my time with astrophysics Is anyone doing AOS, doesn't seem to be very popular
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    UNI question

    What happens if you get into a course, do it for a few weeks, and you absolutely hate it What are your options then? Are you forced to stick with it or can you transfer into another one of your preferences?
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    Catholic paper results

    ehh nevermind theres another thread about this
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    Trial Aftermath

    Now that the trials are over are you all going to take a break from studying or begin to study hard for the actual HSC?
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    Project Help

    Major project due next week........have done the major program and the online help but now much else......need help with the following What sort of user documentation should I include? How do I create an install file? What else can I do to improve the whole presentation?
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    Late night

    Anyone going to be staying up for a while? Studied the physics stuff in the holidays but forgot all of it and while it is just revision, it does take a while. So far gone through Space and the option topic......still got motors and ideas to do, looks like I will be here until 2am-3am...
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    Studying SDD

    Got tomorrow to study SDD, any tips? I seem to know what happens in each stage as well as the major elements that we need to know...........compiling, case tools, black box testing etc etc The thing is I still get relatively crap marks as the whole thing is scenario based.......argh...