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    Econ1203 (Stats) Assignment Help!

    Hey guys, I was wondering if someone would be able to help me go about answering the second KPI of the assignment. For the first one (asking about more than 40% of customers staying for the full week) i did a null hypothesis test and that answer seemed correct which i was happy with. However...
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    So i have my marks...but what now?

    What is the best way to calculate what your ATAR will be? Simply put hsc marks into atar calculator then adjust it for how your school normally achieves? or.. Find out what 2011 ATARS correlated to your aggregate? or is there another way?
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    ATAR estimate (internal ranks and aligned marks)

    A quick ATAR estimate would be great. I attend a school ranked 138 in 2011 and have 12 units in total. My internal ranks are: Business Studies - 5/92 Economics - 4/33 English Advanced - 53/155 Mathematics - 11/70 Maths Ext. 1 - 18/33 Modern History - 16/53 (probably wont count) Studies of...
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    6 markers

    With the 6 mark questions, should you structure like this: ->Source A states that..... ->Insert own knowledge ->Source A states that... ->Insert own knowledge Then the same again for source B OR Should you have a 1:2 ratio between source and own knowledge ie. 'Source A...
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    Textual Integrity

    What should you include in an essay if the Hamlet Mod B is focused on textual integrity?
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    Turning a short story into a speech

    I'm guessing most people probably have a short story down pat and now with the BOS cracking down on memorised responses it seems logical that they make the creative writing a speech. If so, what do you think is the best way of turning my short story into a speech? (p.s i'm not going to ditch my...
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    Exemplar response book

    So i hear that the Board of Studies has published a book that contains Exemplar responses from something like 2001-2011. I was wondering if anyone knows how i can get my hands on this book or if it eve exists? P.s I'm not talking about the standards packages that are available online as they...
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    Reading and Writing - Analytical help

    In the reading and writing section, i always seem to find the 3-5 mark questions difficult because instead of just 'identifying' and 'explaining', you should be saying 'why' the composers chose these techniques etc. Does anyone have any sort of generic example of analysis to give me an idea? or...
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    Multiple Choice help

    Can someone please explain to me how to do Q12 on this paper? Thanks!
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    Problem with Philips Curve

    Can someone please explain to me why both unemployment and inflation are currently low, when the phillips curve argues that this isn't possible? I ask because i was talking about the Phillips Curve in my trial essay but the marker said to "Analyse WHY they are currently both low". Thanks in...
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    Labour Markets

    On a scale of 1-10, how decentralised would you say Australian labour markets are?
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    Raw mark for a band 6

    What raw mark in the HSC generally constitutes a band 6 in SORI?
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    Conflict in Europe essay HELP

    Im currently attempting to write an essay for Conflict in Europe on 'turning points' in WWII. Currently i have Barbarossa, Stalingrad, El Alamein and the Air War, but im unsure as to whether to also add in D-Day. It seems like its an awful lot of content to be covering in one essay if it does...
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    ATAR estimate

    Attend a school ranked ~150: Additional info: 53 people last year over 90 ATAR English Advanced: 40/160 SORI: 45/340 Mathematics: 9/80 Maths Ext 1: 23/40 Modern History: 17/65 Business Studies: 7/95 Economics: 5/35 What do you think im likely to get?
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    McDonald's Soft Serves

    How many soft serves do you think it is possible to consume in one sitting? Personally i myself think i could down about 10-15 but my mates think that is virtually impossible and that ive got no chance. Background info: Im about 60kg So, how many do you think one could consume in one sitting?
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    Developing a band 6 thesis

    My teacher today was telling our class about the importance of developing a "A" range thesis in order to set up a good essay. He gave us an example for Hamlet which was towards the HSC question regarding 'struggle and disillusionment'. From memory it was something like, "Hamlet is a play...
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    The best books on the sharemarket

    Basically the title says it all, what are the best books ever written in regards to the share market?