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    Woohoo!!!i"m Finished!!!!i Finished Onfriday!!!yey!!!!

    I finished on friday 1st and turned 18 the same day!!!!yeeehaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!man - what a night!!!!hehehe.... now i'm having fun trhowing away all my crap.....the question is, what should i keep as memorabilia?
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    Uni at Canberra, Residences

    who is planning on goiong and staying at the residences is canberra?i am planning on it and hoping to get into university village....was hoping to find someone else here to get to know them!:)
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    when do you think you wi;ll get around to making the description of topics the same in things like history and english? vietnam and indochina are the same thing but when sorted by description they are far apart. also the histories together are filling up a lot of space now, can they be...
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    text books

    what different text books are you using?
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    X-mas Work At Grace Bros

    in todays paper (sat 10 Aug) there was an add in teh careers section for december workers at grace bros. check it out. easy to get jobs adn don't have to last long:) - good easy money, don't need much, if any experience they have various sign up dates throughout august in different storyes
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    anyone doing communications and have notes on it? i would be most grateful if you shared!!!i'm am so screwed.....:(
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    how are you studying for history?

    as above...
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    changeing self/american history X

    has anyone seen this film? i know it is being used for changing perspective, but do you think it could be ised for changing self too?
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    hsc planner

    csu has this planner out which is kind of useful if you like to see things right in front of your eyes on one page. i knew we only has like 3 months left but if you look at this it is really quite scary cause it;s all on one page!!! also has the advice line number and hsc results number, not...
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    Majors in history

    anyone thinking of doing a major in history or is/has doing/done a major in history, ancient or modern? i love the actual subjects but i'm afraid if i did it in uni there would be too much thinking inviolved for me/workload. if you do a major in history does it involve a thesis?
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    subject topics

    i know you can sort topics in subject by the description, but unless there is a uniform way of describing topics then it deosn't really sort the topics well. fro example, vietnam and indochina are the same topic, but when sorting modern history by description, they are far apart because of the...
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    pens, yet again.....

    i know, bad topic, but i want to know if any of you have a good dark balck pen which is a ball point, which isn;t that runny crap. just a regular ball point pen which is dark - one that i don't need to press really hard with. i used to have one, a papermate flexigrip ultra, but it ran out. i...
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    AOS change

    i knwo it should be in the english section, but i also know lots of people never go there:). anyway, has anyone done a practice of the creative writing thing yet? or have you been given any prac questions?if so post them up!!!i have no idea what it is all about even, i haven' t heard one thing...
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    accessing zip files

    is there any toher way to access these files, my comp can't seem to deal with it, even though we have the zip thingo. maybe i am judt doing somehting wrong. do i have to save to a disk instead of current location?...i dunno, anyone who's good at computers...HELP!
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    again, moderators...

    is it possible for you to sort topics within subjects for the notes and trials stuff?. there are lots of notes and trial papers and lots of topics in the one subject and i'mas ure there are more to come, so even if without making anohter link, just by sorting them on the page they are already...
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    evryone doing english

    i kniow i should put this in the english board but lots of people don't read it and this is fairly imporant. if you are studying a text with numbers in it which are written in letters, then you must use the letters for your essay not simplify it. eg if studying 1984 you must write "Nineteen...
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    haha dawsons creek is back...

    wow. this was all the rage in yr 9. i remember at camp we all decided(the whole grade) to miss our on the nights activity so we could watch seem pretty much the same - but now instead of being 20 yr olds acting 15 yr olds, they seem like 15 yr olds acting like 20 yr...
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    attn moderators.

    i can't seem to get the emails notifying me of threads to stop coming!!! i changed in my options but they still come:(
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    this is related to the poll results. cxan i ask anyone who does enormous amounts of studying how the hell do you fitt it in?....want to give a brief outline of your daily timetable?
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    indo china

    doing this subject?