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    Student ID Cards

    Hey If i get a new replacement Student ID Card do they take a new photo? Or would my photo already be on record and they simply print out another card without taking a photo? Cheers
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    MyAdmin and UTSOnline

    Hey Whats the difference between UTS online and Myadmin? Cheers
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    UTS Vs UNSW Vs USYD (Civil Structural Engineering)

    Hey guys Uni preferences close tommorow for main round offers. I'm still undecisive as for which uni to go to, to complete a Civil (Structural) Engineering degree. Anyway, i have a few questions that would be great if answered. 1. Is Civil (majoring in structural) the same as just civil...
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    Board Of Studies Honour Roll In Newspaper??

    Hello Whens the honour roll for the 2006 HSC come out? Is it on the 19th (same day as the results released via the net and sms)?? Or is the publication on a later date for newspapers (ie SMH etc)? Cheeers
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    Board Of Studies..Any HSC Mark Documents?

    Hello Are there any documents on the Board of Studies website that point to how the HSC exams are marked, and how the marks are calculated/aligned?? I can't seem to find any, but if anyone could point me in the right direction for official documents, then that would be great. Cheers
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    Can someone read over my Antony and Cleo Speech???

    Hello I need someone to read over this and tell me what they think. I gave it to the teacher but he didn't really comment on it much apart from saying use more examples. It is a speech on Antony and Cleopatra and is meant to 15% of the weighting. THe actual task is: You are a speaker at an...
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    Maths formula wallpapers

    Hello Does anyone know if there is such things as Extension 1 maths (including 2 unit maths) wallpapers. Like a big pack of wallpapers with each wallpaper having a different maths formula. Its just that i think this will help me remember the majority of maths formula's. Especially Trig like...
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    question. if there are 8 people in a line and two people want to stand together you go 6! * 2 * 7 if there are 8 people in a circle and two wants to sit together you just go 6! * 2 why dont you do the same for both questions?
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    probability question help

    how do you do this question. 7 people are to be seated at a round table. two people, kev and jill, refuse to sit next to each other. how many seating arrangements are then possible?
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    binomial question from 2004 hsc

    can someone please explain to me question 7b. from last years 3 unit paper. i don't get where k thing???
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    Writing a reflective journal entry???

    Hello Just started my HSC course, and have recieved notification of my first english assessment. Anyway i hate english, and it has to be one of my worst subjest. I need a little bit of help in writing a reflective journal. Anyway, this is meant to be an Area of Study portfolio for Advanced...
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    Need help with Othello.....

    Hello I'm in year 11 and doing advanced English. Our study topic for this term is Race and Gender. We're currently studying the text Othello in class and we've be given out first assignment for the term. Now to tell the, truth, i really hate shakespheare texts. They way they're written...
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    Is This THe Full Poem?

    Hello I was trying to find a copy of Gwen Hardwoods " In The Park" to use for my English essay on change. The thing is i've found a website with what i think is the poem. Could someone please just verify for me if the copy is all correct? In the Park by Gwen Harwood She sits in...
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    What Do PPL think?? For Texts

    Hello I have to do an essay on three texts on change (1000) words. And so far i've come up with the following ideas? What do people think of using a poem like Gwen Hardwoods " In The Park" And maybe the Pleasantville Film poster...Try and say how it makes meaning about change... And...
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    Texts on Change

    Hello I'm in YR 11 and do Advanced English, My Most hated subject. We have been given an assignment about cahnge where we are to create a Stimulus Booklet that contains 3 different texts on the issu of Change.. Each Text must be different, ie one visual (photo, painting), one poetry...