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    Speed & Stall Pass Test in QLD

    Read more: Learner drivers allowed to speed, drive with one hand, stall vehicle and still pass test | Interested to hear BOS point of view on this one. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it, honestly if you can't avoid doing those in a test situation then what will stop you on...
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    Prepaid Optus Mobiles

    Hi BOS, Unfortunately it has become necessary for me to upgrade my mobile phone. I'm currently with Optus prepaid and would like to stay with them as I don't use my phone enough to warrant a plan and family are also with Optus. I was looking to get the Boost LG KS360 but have since changed my...
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    Ask the Staff

    Basically the idea for this thread is to ask questions to staff at stores you visit either about the products they sell, their rules, procedures and just general questions. Then staff of that store or people who know about it answer. Subway: Just generally do many people have "the works" in...
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    What do you hope to achieve these holidays?

    Oh I use the term "holidays" very loosely should probably be STUVAC but have to keep in the naming tradition of these threads. :p Basically a list of all the things you plan to accomplish during STUVAC. Best of luck class of 07, with your HSC preparations. :)
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    What did you achieve these holidays?

    I made one for the 07ers so it's 08ers turn. Well the holidays are all but over, and school starts back next week. So what did you end up achieving in relation to what you had planned to do these holidays? Oh and I know you 08ers are much like the 07ers but no :spam:ing or the thread will get...
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    What did you achieve these holidays?

    Well the holidays are all but over, and school starts back next week for you 07ers. So what did you end up achieving in relation to what you had planned to do these holidays? Oh and I know you 07ers like it so much but no :spam:ing or the thread will get locked/spam posts deleted.
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    How was your first day?

    Well for 06ers (and other first year students) first week of uni starts this week, well O-Week at least and some of you maybe having lectures with tutes starting at most universities the week after. So how was your first official day at university (well not so much official as it is O-Week but...
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    How was your first day back for Term 2?

    The majority of the class of 2007 will be starting back at school for their second term of HSC either today or sometime this week. So how was your first day back for a new term? Did you complete and hand in everything you had to? Did you forget anything? Did you do any work today? NOTE: As...
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    How was your first day of Preliminary?

    Well the majority of preliminary students will be starting their first day of year 11 either today (Tuesday) or sometime this week. How was your first day as seniors? What did you do? Oh first day of preliminary oh that does take me back. A new school (well new campus - moved to senior...
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    What did you achieve these holidays?

    Well 07ers holidays are almost over with everyone starting back early\mid next week. So in comparison to what you said you would do what did you actually achieve? NOTE: Try not to stress out to much about what you have or haven't done, as you still have three terms to make up for lost time...
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    What are your reasons for going to university?

    Just curious, as to what has influenced your decision to go to university? Family, friends, expectations, career options\path? Have you considered any alternative educational paths into your choosen career. Why or why not? Have you considered taking a gap year. If so why or why not?
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    Is anyone deferring?

    Just out of interest is anyone deferring or thinking of deferring? If so what will you do in your gap year?
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    As the class of 2006 hands over the baton to the class of 2007 the questions stands what are your opinions on expectations. The majority of schools as evident in other threads have expectations that are set for each year and are increase as each year matches and out preforms them. Students and...
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    What was your school?

    What was your school and how do you believe it affect your HSC mark and UAI? Was it for the better or worse? Just curious I know that there are probably official figures from Board of Studies on this however I would like to know the statistics from the BOS class of 2006. EDIT: Oh I...
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    What was your parents & family reaction to your UAI?

    Mine were proud and pleased with my effort. They know how hard I have worked throughout the year and that I have meet and beaten my expectations. Although that being said I haven't had any pressure from my parents and I have been left to decided what mark I want and where I want to be next year...
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    Important Websites\Information – Results

    Just thought this would help the class of 06 find out all the important websites and where they need to go for results days. HSC Results - Tuesday 19th December 2006 6am:
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    How will you access results?

    Personally, Internet. For those worried about server speed\lag etc I was accessing my results a bit after 6am last year and I faced no lag once details were entered my results almost popped up instantly, so be prepared.
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    What are your plans for results days?

    Tuesday 19th HSC results: Undecided what I will do whether I will get up at normal time or join the masses and wake up early in anticipation. Most probably get up around 6-6.30am (like I did last year) turn computer on log in and then login to the results website and be surprised by how quick...
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    Less then a week...

    Less then a week before HSC results and UAIs are released? How does everyone feel? Anxious, nerves, want to get it over and done with etc. For me I think i am a bit anxious having the results is so final it means school is completed 13 years of my life is over and time to embark on a new...
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    How was your school day?

    Time for the revival of an old idea for a new HSC class. Please try to keep spam to a minimum (I know might be hard for some of you 07ers).