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    UNE broadband

    Are there any UNE students here? I'm just trying to find out what sort of data limits you have on the internet connection (I've heard 300MB/semester) And how much it costs to get more... any ideas?
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    Textbooks and Courses - Comp Sci

    Well ive been reading a few things, and i *think* ive figured out what i'm meant to be doing: -Comp 100 -Introduction to Business Information Technology -Comp 131 -Introduction to Computer Science I -Comp 132 -Introduction to Computer Science II -Comp 160 -Internet Publishing And...
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    'O' Week schedule

    I just recieved my o week schedule in the mail from drummond & smith (could be different from other UNIs?) Anyone else have theirs?
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    School friends going too?

    I have about 6 or 7 people from my year at school going to UNE (either now or deferring) and of the ones going we all got into different colleges, drummond, robb, earl and austin off the top of my head. Should be interesting although i have no idea what the inter-college relationships are like.
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    Internet Quotas

    Does anyone know what the monthly download quota is when using the college internet connection? On the tour they were going on about how they never had to worry about it, but never said what it was, and im pretty sure they only used it for their emails... So does anyone know?
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    Was there even an exam?

    Did anyone else come out of the IT exam thinking that they just spent 2 hours basically doing nothing? I can't really remember any specific contents of this thing (im averaging like 94% in the course im not talking about a bludge thing here) It just seemed really dull and bland (even...
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    CSU - Bathurst, Early Entry Scheme

    Does anyone here know when we're meant to recieve results of any CSU early entry applications? All I've been told is "after the exams but before you get results back" and I don't even know if this is actually true...