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    How many BOS people you met so far?

    You didn't say it was you, but its their fault for not knowing its you? ...whatever
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    hows it going?

    die albies! >D go D&S!
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    hows it going?

    Nah no cricket for me (not for the college anyway) im just wondering how many people on here are from duval because ive probly seen you about 50 times in the dining room kitchen...
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    hows it going?

    I havnt met anyone off here yet, just got online ;) (Anyone who was at the swimming carnival, im from drummond and smith and was one of the 3 guys that got tackled into the pool by the St. Albies guys whilst doing a victory lap of the pool with our flag)
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    I have too much stuff.....

    PC + clothes, all im taking :D
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    Who plays golf?

    I *have* played a few times, doesn't really mean i can =)
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    Leaving Friday

    Have fun and a safe trip!
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    Who's had their electrical items checked and tagged?

    yep, 7 tags, $5 each, my cousin goes to uni in canberra and said they dont really care that much about it there, but theres a fire, and no tag on the cord, its your arse (apparently) also the electrician was at the end of the roll of sticker things, so he gave me the couple left over with...
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    UNE channel on IRC!!!

    /me puts hand up, mines the prettiest :O
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    Internet Quotas

    where would you get that idea from :D
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    Internet Quotas

    even with dial up at uni, i should be able to download about twice as fast as i can from home =]
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    Austin booted me

    Do you have to talk like this if you want to be in tit :D
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    UNE broadband

    More concerned about gaming :/ I've heard now that theres a union thing that maxes a monthly payment to $19, but either way, shouldnt i be able to use a normal ISP (as i am living on campus, shouldnt i be able to manage my own internet connection?)
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    UNE channel on IRC!!!

    I have a channel registered on AustNet for it.. dont need to worry about getting people to register with websites or anything... #une (aussie) If anyone else wants ownership of it just come in and get it... but i don't mind having it.
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    Internet Quotas

    /me ponders transferring back home quick smart :D
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    UNE broadband

    1GB =1000MB 300MB free 2700 * 0.015 = $405 Thats only for the one month that i would get anything free though : /
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    Internet Quotas Not looking good, thats on the website, hopefully that $19 a month from the UNE union with the ISP is right though :/
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    UNE broadband

    Did i calculate this wrong... or does it mean that a 3GB month would cost me $405?