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  1. withoutaface

    Unions NSW to recruit from the classroom

    Unions turn to classrooms to recruit young members - news - Fuck the Unions.
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    O’Farrell advocates bikie bloodbath

    Thursday, 2 April 2009 1:05 PM Bookmark and Share 8 comments | Have your say O’Farrell advocates bikie bloodbath LiveNews | Erin Maher Put all the outlaw motorcycle gang members in two rooms, and [allow] them to shoot each other to death. NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell...
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    Drug tests for dole recipients

    The following proposal is put forward: That random drug testing for illegal drug use by long-term unemployed recipients of the Newstart Allowance (more than one year) be introduced. A positive test for illegal drug use would result in the person having to sign onto a rehabilitation program as a...
  4. withoutaface

    New Mother

    Do you think the way it's marketed is immoral? Do you think there should be a legal limit on the amount of caffeine in a carbonated beverage? What IS 500mL of potent energy anyway?
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    Carbon Tax versus Emissions Trading

    This could shape up to be an interesting debate if the Coalition decides to run with a carbon tax policy and/or the Senate inquiry concludes that ETS is not the best way to go. Some resources on the subject: this is written by John Humphreys of...
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    Costello to remain after next election

    VEXNEWS | STICKING AROUND: Peter Costello will run again in Higgins with leadership baton in his knapsack Very good news for Coalition prospects in 2012/13.
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    What ever became of asquithian?

    Addymac and neo are back. Why is he not?
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    We are paying $238,000 in tax dollars for every single auto manufacturing employee

    Maths here. Subsidies are the most fucked up shit ever.
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    NSW Pubs to be forced to close at 2am

    Source The option of taking up arms to defend my liberties is seriously looking like the only viable course of action. This is just fucked.
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    BOS leadership scuffle

    Iron is a backward thinking degenerate with no vision for the future.
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    Union Board Elections 2008

    It's that time of year again, and I'm a bit of a hack so I get off on this stuff. Candidates are: Catriona Rafael James Young Sasha Uher Rebecca Santos Sophie Holman Pat Bateman Douglas Thompson Philip Boncardo Alex Houseman Michael Buckland Karina Anthony Courtney Tight Carmen Culina...
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    Liberals sweep Brisbane City Council,23739,23376890-952,00.html
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    Hay guys, LET'S CENSOR SCIENCE! Kim Carr is most definitely not a science team.
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    Using KDE4 is like...

    being raped over and over by a big, thick black cock named BETA. I'm bailing to Gnome until it's safe to come out.
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    The Official Cricket Season 2007/2008 [No Girls Allowed]

    Created in response to obvious inadequacies in the other thread.
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    Last Friday of Exams

    What's the go? I think I'm free from 11.30 or so, and need people to drink with.
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    Wooo, Endorse Torture, Go!

    The US Senate has appointed Michael Mukasey as new Attorney General of the home of the brave and the land of the free. Except that the upper house is filled with cowards who abstained from voting on the appointment (Clinton, Obama, Dodd, Biden and McCain, I'm looking at you), and the land's not...
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    SRC Elections '07

    Hey guys, SRC elections are coming up on the 19th and 20th of September, and the campaigning period has already begun. There are a number of tickets running, some of which are: SHOUT!: Ticket run by the Liberal Club, running on policies of delivering more practical, campus-level goals rather...