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  1. study-freak

    Should English be compulsory??

    Re: Should Maths be compulsory? I suppose those skills are assumed for local students doing HSC; the HSC ESL curriculum actually has all those elements. I've learnt how to write essays, speeches, reports, journal & feature articles, formal letters of various types, resumes, cover letters, and...
  2. study-freak

    Advanced Science

    You're right that there is no obligation to do more than the stated number of cps of adv units, but why not just do all adv if you can? Frankly speaking, adv units aren't much harder at all and you get better scaling and adv students are given higher priority with resources in some courses...
  3. study-freak

    B Science (Advanced)

    Don't know how many but I don't think a lot. It's quite hard not to get credit if you try to do well. It's just that people who get below credit really cbf with uni. They are quite good majors in terms of job opportunities but most importantly it's just a question of if you like them anyway. So...
  4. study-freak

    The Problem with Rote Learning

    I agree that excessive rote-learning (i.e. beyond that required to learn the basic definitions, etc) is cancerous towards education, but I don't think the curriculum is in general at fault in creating rote-learning students. It's rather the way kids are brought up/taught/trained from early...
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    Is it possible to get 99.95 in any school?

    Nothing at all. It's sorta happened before.
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    Chemistry Questions

    Re: Does anyone have detailed notes on these two experiments. Of course you can assess reliability if you repeat the experiment, but his method does not specify this and on this basis, you claimed that his results are unreliable. I'm saying this is incorrect because it simply doesn't make...
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    Medicinal Chemistry Major

    PCOL's are taught at quite a basic level. All you need to know would be taught in lectures.
  8. study-freak

    Chemistry Questions

    Re: Does anyone have detailed notes on these two experiments. Nah. It's just that reliability can't be assessed - doesn't mean it wasn't.
  9. study-freak

    taking a supplementary exam

    Not exactly sure about that cause at least stats has some kind of scaling process Wasn't it bell curve based vs standard based change in method of scaling? or am I getting confused with something else I might have heard before...
  10. study-freak

    Chem 2402/2912 - Chemical structure and stability

    Yep, just finished all 3rd year stats. Not gonna do honours though. Are you one of the tutors? You can try if you have some official evidence to provide your lecturer with, but otherwise it won't work. But why were you on antidepressants during your exam? and I did it last year (2011). It...
  11. study-freak

    Usyd Summer School

    What about simply overloading during semesters? No need to pay a huge amount of money if you do that
  12. study-freak

    Chem 2402/2912 - Chemical structure and stability

    Oh damn, if they remove scaling, so many people are gonna fail that unit (it's just so much harder than all other previous chems imo). esp because the material is dry (eww solid state chem) This course motivated me to drop chem altogether lol. but looking at quiz marks, you should do fine? Idk...
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    Semester 2 USYD Chatter Thread

    probably because there aren't that many students doing honours (but comparatively lots doing undergrad)
  14. study-freak

    Chem 2402/2912 - Chemical structure and stability

    I think so. He's also the mod for this usyd section of the forum. My majors are pretty 'odd' too actually - I might be the only person in the whole 3rd year who's doubled majored in pharmacology and stats.
  15. study-freak

    Chem 2402/2912 - Chemical structure and stability

    lol well, my marks are not exactly inspirational (ask jet to do that; I'm sure his would be) but hopeful for the OP is that I got 86 in CHEM2916 after majorly screwing up the final exam (one of the worst ever screw-ups I've done) though I think it was partly because pretty much everyone...
  16. study-freak

    Chem 2402/2912 - Chemical structure and stability

    A bit late reply to the thread but should be up if adv? I did CHEM2916 (SSP version), screwed up the exam, still got (almost unreasonably imo) high marks.
  17. study-freak

    Semester 2 USYD Chatter Thread

    I asked one of my stats lecturers and at least 3rd year stats will be out on 4th or 5th Dec and I assume this will be when 1st year stats will come out too (they have a department meeting on the 3rd re. exam marking and adjustments). but for other schools, no idea. It varies across departments.
  18. study-freak

    Industrial Chemistry, Equillibrium Constant

    I believe the answer is way beyond the scope of HSC. But the gist (as I understand it) is that: it comes from what's known as the Boltzmann distribution, which may approximately describe the number/proportion of particles occupying different energy levels in an equilibrium configuration. It...
  19. study-freak

    Urgent Chem Questions

    I would say: - ionise for acid/base as that's actually what happens - dissociate for NaCl(s) going into water and separating (dissociating) into Na+(aq) and Cl-(aq) ions - they are already ions to begin with
  20. study-freak

    Some of the answers

    +1 You (D94) may find it less confusing if you say 'reproducibility', rather than 'reliability'. These are interchangable terms. To summarise: accuracy is to do with bias reliability is to do with variability in your data validity is about whether your experiment actually does what it's...