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  1. addikaye03

    University, not HSC Q

    A Marble of mass M and radius r rolls down a track of height h and around a loop-the-loop. Loop- the-loop has radius R. What minimum height h must the track have for the marble to make it around the loop the loop without falling off?
  2. addikaye03

    Variation of Parameters

    1) y''+y=cotx 2) y''+y=cosecx Can someone talk me through the solutions, only new to the method. Cheers PS: So it's based on finding: y(x)=yc+yp where yc is the complimentary solution and yp is the particular. This falls under 2 order non-homogenuous differential equations.
  3. addikaye03

    Derivative on Complex Number

    Just checking if my answer is correct: Q. Use complex exponential to find the 9th derivative of sint/(e^rt3t). Simpliest form S. Im(e^it).e^-rt3t Im{d^9/dt^9[e^(i-rt3)t]} Im[(i-rt3)^9e^-rt3t cos(t)+i(i-rt3)^9e^-rt3.sint] Im[2^9e^i(45pi/6)e^-rt3cost...
  4. addikaye03

    Hyperbolic function

    Express the following as algebriac functions of x: a) sinh^2(arctanh(x)) b) tanh(arccosh(x)) They might be easy, i might be missing something
  5. addikaye03

    The Uberman's Sleep Schedule

    [CENTER] Source: Uberman's sleep schedule || Anybody here tried it/do it? Was wondering if it really works and any other information on it
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    College Rollcall

    Just wondering what college everyone got into! Congrats to anyway who got an offer to their first preference. Side question: How did your interviews go? Mine was pretty casual and i was expecting a bit of an interrogation. Mine: University College (First Preference)
  7. addikaye03

    Dress-up ideas for party

    So going to a party where the theme is: -What i wanna be when i grow up Has anyone got any funny ideas? One that i got: Dress in stubbies, singlet, flouro OH&S singlet, fake mullet, headband, moustache and take a bucket of water and a squidgee and pretend to be one of those people who ask you...
  8. addikaye03


    Tell me about your experiences with them. Would you recommend one for a person moving to Melb to attend uni? Which of the colleges should i be looking at? How do you apply? (are there any prerequisites etc) Just anything to do with them would be great, Thanx in advance
  9. addikaye03

    Money to students due to $2.3Bil donated to Uni's during stimulus package.

    So ive been hearing about the $2000 dollars given to students that will be recieving a independence allowance ( additional $4000 to those who have had to move out of home to attend uni), as of 1st Jan, 2010. Can someone please explain more to me on this, ie. If one had been working this year...
  10. addikaye03

    Engineering ( Related to Past Papers)

    Does anyone have any past papers of subjects that are undertaken whilst studying B Engineering, ie. Calculus, Linear Algebra, Mathematics, Fluid dynamics etc. This is merely for curiousity sake. Im not even sure if they release the past exams, but if they do and someone has them lying around i...
  11. addikaye03

    HSC & IQ

    Re: Who got 100 UAI in 2008? I meant natural intelligence. They done things in class that was incomparable. Real abstract thinking etc, no doubt will still be the leaders of 2morrow. One kid in my classes had a IQ of 174 lol smart but lazy though, as with many high IQ people.
  12. addikaye03

    Band 6: RAW mark required (PDHPE)

    Does anyone know anything about the past years RAW mark required for a band 6 in PDHPE? IF so what do u think this years will be? Im thinking i'll get 94 HSC Mark, but more knowledge into the scaling system may change prediction.
  13. addikaye03

    Want to Buy: Cambridge (4U) or Coroneas (4U)

    Anyone have either to sell?
  14. addikaye03

    4u textbooks- i want to buy

    Has anyone got Cambridge 4u textbook, Coroneas 4u or Terry Lee's, they are willing to sell? If you have more than one of the above, i will most likely buy both. PM me if so and we can discuss prices etc Thanx in advance. Also if anyone has Fitzpatrick, the 3u one, a friend of mine is after it...
  15. addikaye03

    Studying MAX2

    Hey guys, just wondering, do you think that could self teach MAX2? I know that your allowed to do it but i mean, how viable is it? I know alot of ppl doing MAX 2 so were going to get together once a week and go over theory and questions so that will be helpful. So my Q is hard possible is it...
  16. addikaye03

    HELP! Xbox live, IP Address

    i found my IP Adress, mask subnet and default gateway by Run, cmd, enter , ipconfig etc. Wen i manually type this in configuration in the xbox live settings, it STILL FAILED. please help im really getting pissed off:@
  17. addikaye03

    Raw score that equals band 5 or 6

    What is the raw score for english std. that will put u in the band 5 or 6 bracket. I know in advanced it is usally 84-86/105=band 6. so what is standard?
  18. addikaye03

    Relationship between coefficients proof

    Binomial Theorem, i got a note in my theory notes saying its testable i.e. they can ask to prove Tk+1/Tk=n-k+1/k*b/a. But how likely is it to happen?
  19. addikaye03

    Binomial Theorem

    Has anyone got any challenging binomial theorem and/or probability exercises that ur willing to post up? I got a hunch their will be a harder (Q7) binomial this year
  20. addikaye03

    Harder 3u polynomials Q

    The equation x^3+ax^2+b=0 has three distinct roots, such that one is the sum of the other two. Show that a^3-8b=0