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  1. study-freak

    To do this unit, or not do it, that is the question.

    I'm in a slight dilemma atm about whether to do MATH2961 next sem or not. MATH2961 - Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus (Adv) Pros: - helps with statistics (going to be one of my majors) - interesting - maths subject will nearly undoubtedly increase my WAM (though it's not like I need to...
  2. study-freak

    Good place to live at that is close to Usyd

    Hi, I'm thinking of moving to an area from where I can easily commute to Usyd. Which area would be the best in terms of: transport (close to the nearby train station and easy to get to Usyd by e.g. bus or train), shops, safety, and quiet environment? Thanks. P.S. Going to move into a...
  3. study-freak

    9th in Chem + 99.95 ATAR tutor

    I'm offering limited tutoring places (only approximately 3 at the moment) for any of these subjects: Subject HSC mark MX1 98 MX2 97 Physics 97 Chem 97 (9th in the state). ATAR:99.95 I recently received a guaranteed offer for Usyd Combined Medicine program [B Sci (Adv) MBBS]. Rate: $20...
  4. study-freak

    Anyone got Usyd Combined Med Interview Offer?

    I just got it! Very excited now :haha:
  5. study-freak

    Who got Newcastle/UNE interview offers?

    It was released by mail.
  6. study-freak

    Water monitoring and management syllabus

    In this part of the module, the syllabus introduces factors that can be taken into account when considering water quality (e.g. turbidity). Another dotpoint says that we need to know about qualitative and quantitative tests for these factors. Then, does this mean that we just need to know what...
  7. study-freak

    AtAR Estimate Plz

    from another thread Edit: 115/120 in MX2 just because my school's Q8 wasn't difficult. Obviously, I can't get that in the HSC. Phys trial was made from mixing 3 different trial papers that teachers bought and chem trial paper making was done in similar way with interstate papers. ESL paper was...
  8. study-freak

    Phonon - seriously confused

    I know that phonons are quanta of vibrational energy, but what role does it play in the BCS theory? I have seen Jacaranda Physics going on about exchange of phonons between electrons but I don't really get it. Can someone explain me the role of phonon in BCS theory in a way that will be...
  9. study-freak

    Black Body Cavity

    How and why do the walls get hotter when a black body reached its thermal equilibrium? Also, how do atoms of a black body really absorb and emit radiation? I know that it works like a radio antenna, but what are the things that are oscillating? Nucleus or electrons or both or what?
  10. study-freak

    Boredofstudies Blocked Again

    DET blocked the forum again!! "The site Bored of Studies is blocked. It has been classified in the category/ies Forum/Bulletin Boards"
  11. study-freak

    UNSW med cut-off

    The website (Faculty of Medicine - FAQ_local) says that if I have a predicted UAI of 99, I needed to get 58 in UMAT to obtain an interview in the past three years. However, I have also heard from somewhere else that I need at least about 90 UMAT score to get an interview for medicine. Which...
  12. study-freak

    Some Binomial Q that I can't do..

    Could anyone post the solution for this question plz? Thanks in advance.
  13. study-freak

    Time taken by Medentry to sent ppl the trial exam results

    Time taken by Medentry to send ppl the trial exam results How long usually? Nearly a week since I've done it and haven't got the results.. Edit:lol.. typo there.. sent->send
  14. study-freak

    UNSW Network Schools Program 2009

    Who's going there?
  15. study-freak

    Which one is harder-SC or HSC?

    Well true that HSC has got a lot more memorisation stuff but thinking back to yr10, Is this only me or everyone who thinks some subjects in yr10 was harder than yr11/12 subjects (although u didn't have any choice in picking yr10 subjects)? I personally perform way better in the prelim and HSC...
  16. study-freak

    HELP with EAS

    UAC says that: L01B For current Australian Year 12 applicants only If you have come directly to Australia from a non-English speaking country and you began your education in an Australian school during Years 7-10 and  you experience difficulty with the English language, I'll be elligible...
  17. study-freak

    Difference between prelim and HSC marks??

    How much difference usually is there between them?? If i got all band 6's in prelim would i still get them in the HSC course?
  18. study-freak

    harder 3U topics syllabus...

    coz my teacher says trigonometry is in the harder 3U stuff in 4U and i can't find it in the syllabus... does anyone know if it's really included or not?? plz tell me if there r any other harder 3 unit topics that u r learning at ur school other than the ones in the syllabus on the boardofstudies...
  19. study-freak

    Terry Lee or Patel??

    I've finished doing everything on Fitzpatrick but apparently, it's not enough to survive the HSC according to all those threads... I have cambridge one at home which i'm now working on... but i am planning to buy one more to cover the ones that might not be covered by fitzpatrick and cambridge...
  20. study-freak

    Plz Help Me With This Weird Question

    Plz look at the attachment.. My question is there..