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  1. marcquelle

    Nusing MMX

    SO who's planning on doing nursing at UoW in 2010?
  2. marcquelle

    Who's Going to one of the other campus'?

    Hands Up people who are or are considering going to another campus be it: Shoalhaven Campus Bega Education Centre UOWD/Dubai Sydney Business School Batemans Bay Education Centre Loftus Education Centre Moss Vale Education Centre ME I'm going to Shoalhaven Campus
  3. marcquelle

    Position of elements in periodic table and their behaviour

    I kinda get this but don't understand why they behave how they do as oxides.
  4. marcquelle

    Ozone hole + layer

    Um what do we need to know about it. Cause all i know is about the polar vortex in antartica that stops its temperature mixing with the lower latitidude therefore not allowing for the easy diffusion of CFCs and HCFCs from the stratosphere into the thermosphere so the hole remains over it in the...
  5. marcquelle

    Language and Gender

    How'd you people find it? Personally loved the analytical question Wrote 11.5 pages on it so very happy :jump:. The texts I used were: Elizabeth: Identity as a woman --> Seen as unfit Identity as a capable woman shown by her transformation, spoke a bout the scene with the bishops and how...
  6. marcquelle


    PENPALS for kids, students, Blogs, Teacher ads, penfriends, forums for kids - 100% free I have posted this link for two reasons: Many people want a Japanese penpal. The following site is good to make great friends t I found this site and have made many Japanese penpals off it (many of which...
  7. marcquelle

    Chem Math Equation Thingys

    ok can people post all relevant equations relating to the core and/or forensics. These are the only ones i know of: \Delta H = -mC\Delta T \Delta = -mC\Delta T M_{1}V_{1}=M_{2}V_{2} C=\frac{m}{v} K_{eq}=\frac{[C]^{c}[D]^{d}}{[A]^{a}[b]^{b}} these are the only ones we have been...
  8. marcquelle

    Electrophoresis Prac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    OK, so in my class we a virtual experiment which explained and such (it was pretty useful, heres the url : Gel Electrophoresis Virtual Lab ) then we did a really crappy one at school, that never worked. Could some please be so kind enough to post their prac notes up for me including results if...
  9. marcquelle


    Hey how did everyone go? My school did the independent paper. And i have very confusing marks and statements on mine, so I contesting them and getting them rechecked as i have conflicting statements by my teacher on my paper. So need to be checked out.
  10. marcquelle

    Equalibrium constant equation?

    Ok my ex-teacher/tutor has told us that they can ask us to do these. Is it an assumed skill or is there a specific dot point? Keq=\frac{[C]^{c}[D]^{d}}{[A]^{a}[B]^{b}} Thanks in advance.
  11. marcquelle

    uploading mw

    Ok please read on. Ok i have done a radio drama as my major. So i wanna find a site that's for FREE ( i cannot stress this fact FREE) so i can upload so you all can listen to it. Any websites people know of that i can use. Thanks in Advance
  12. marcquelle

    EXAM '09: what do you think is to come?

    So what type of exam questions do you gals & guys think we're going this year. ________________________________ L&G: Analytical: Gender and language can be used to exert and create power. Using 2 of your prescribed texts and at least one other related text, discuss this preposition. Creative...
  13. marcquelle

    Hows everyone going preparing for trials?

    ^^ I've been finishing my notes and practicing my skills from Excel, still not that confident getting an average of 12/15 in the multichoice of past papers. How bout everyone else
  14. marcquelle

    Hows everyone going with recording?

    ^ me i'm recording and editing all on the one day on the first day back at school.
  15. marcquelle

    confusion about what i need to add in dpts

    In my chemistry textbook it has stuff on global warming and enhanced green house effect. Now i can't (in my mind) which dot point this information should be added under. Anyone have any ideas? Any advice will be appreciated.
  16. marcquelle

    Death to skills

    Who agrees skills are the worst part of geography
  17. marcquelle


    When it comes to the 'out of africa" and "regional continuity" theories should we mention some of the new homnin discoveries such as H. florensis and how they have impacted on the evolutionary theories? Thanks for any input.
  18. marcquelle

    What option are you doing this year?

    Forensic Chemistry for me
  19. marcquelle


    A Note from the Moderators Regarding the Discussion of 2009 Trials: Please keep in mind not to give out the actual questions or a copy of the paper as there are copyright issues, not the mention the fact that some students may do the same paper as you at a different date and it is still within...
  20. marcquelle

    Promblems with teacher :(

    With my major work my teacher told me he read it and all was fine and perfect. Then last week he said it reads very tacked on and does not seem to flow. He decides to tell me this now just a few short weeks before it is due, where i am going to have to re-record things and redo editing. Anyone...