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    anyone else de-motivated?

    all my friends exams finished last week. I still got eco and legal to go. What makes it worse it that they are both about writing long essays. Sometimes i just feel like...quiting i still might. who else feels this way
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    how do u measure real GDP

    My text book doesnt show how to caculate the real GDP. I remember the teacher showing me, but i really forgot :( so how do you caculate the real GDP...or was is the change in real GDP:bomb:
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    do we HAVE to know a case study

    a friend is telling me that we need to know one case study because one of the essay questions is gonna have 2 options for you too chose from but u have to answer them based on a country other than australia. is this right? because im not gonna waste time learning about a whole countries economy.
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    find the curved surface question

    for that question, did u have to do : 5000( random number, i forgot what the volume given was) = (simpsons rule area)+(side area)+(end area)+x(represents the curved)? FUCK! I just remebered...was there 2 simpson rule areas? because i only did one side....someone PLEASE tell me that there wasnt...
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    why is it hard studying for family?

    i dont have trouble with crime and world order, but for family, i just seem to forget everything. Maybe its because of all the acts we need to remember!!
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    i need the 2006 hsc answers

    i need them...anybody got it? thanks
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    was there ratios?

    i cant really remember...what was their any ratios?
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    anyone got notes on...

    I need notes for my electives. They are: telling stories - maybe tomorrow prose fiction - we all fall down into the world - the simple gift.My realted text for telling stories is The Pursuit of Happyness and for Into the World its green street hooligans. You reckon they'll do?
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    the exam was fubar

    who else thinks the texts in section 1 where ****ed up beyong all recognition? Seriously, the language used in 2-3 KILLED ME. What a piece of shit the board of studies are.:burn:
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    so ranks are alright

    i bearly studied for the hsc...maybe like 5 hours maximum. My ranks are: Legal:4/30 something Eco:2/9 Maths:16/40 something English:13/38? ancients:2/20 something Do you reckon if i get around 70-80 in the hsc papers i would get around 80 uai or so?
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    do you study with the syallabus?

    do you guys study with using the syallabus? I dont, i just read through the chapters and now and then do trial papers.
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    im screwed :(

    i dont know jackshit about how im supposed to write my area of study. I dont even know what related text to use. I might use finding nemo, but people are saying i shouldnt because its kiddish. I might use The pursuit of happyness as my related text because i used that in the trials. What do you...
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    im screwed

    Am i the only who he just cant sit down and study? I just cant study, its too hard. Ive tried. I've even went to the library a fair few times, but i cant even study then. I just cant sit down and study....i have to move! What should i do? I probably studied like 4-5 hours maximum for the HSC...
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    need urgent help - test tomorrow!

    ok i got my trial english paper 2 tomorrow and i need urgent help. For Telling stories, i dont know what related text to use, Can anyone help me ut and give ma a simple text with a list of technqiues?Also, for section 3, im doing the elective into the world and im going to use Apocolypto as my...
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    The Simple Gift guy is coming tomrrow.

    The author of the book The Simple Gift is coming to my school tomrrow and giving some speech. Wait till i tell him that his book is bad.:rofl: