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    english help needed

    I am in year 11 and i do standard English tomorrow i have a English assignment which consist of writing a text towards a prompt and then reflection. The problem is i have written the text but not reflective so i need major help for reflective if someone could help me out plz. Prompt Literature...
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    Help urgent!!!

    I have English hw due to tomorrow which i wasn't able to do cause i was too busy. If any one has a creative/ imaginative related to aboriginals and indigenous pls share!!. It doesnt have too be really good i just need a story related to aboriginal and indigenous people.
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    English help!!

    I am currently in year 11 and i suck at english due to the fact i came to australia not a while a go . I am doing standard english is there a way to improve my english and reach my goal of getting 90+ percent for the assements.
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    physics or investigating science

    so I just wanted to know if I should drop physics for investigating science as investigating science is easier and I won't have that much pressure on my shoulders and also I don't really need physics for my course which is computer science. currently in year11