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    What's Canberra like in general as well as the University?

    Hi, I'm thinking of coming to Canberra next year to study a double degree of Software Engineering/Business Informatics. But, before I make my decision and ditch the University of Newcastle (where I'm currently studying at) I have a few questions I would like to ask. 1. What is the social...
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    O-Week 2010

    Will there be a meet? Who shall be attending this spectacular event?
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    Last Day to Change Uni Preferences Monday 30/11/2009

    Just wondering if anyone knows when the last day to change your uni preferences is? Is it Monday (today) 30/11/2009? Thanks
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    Ranks get released at 5pm today whos excited? :D

    I know i am :) Oh and on that topic, roughly what percentage of the state get accepted (an offer) into uni?
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    "Sup"? What do they mean by this?

    Okay whenever i go and talk to my mates on msn or the like they always seem to say 'sup dude', 'sup man', 'sup' Now Im a native fluent english speaker of the language although when they start using these terms Im kind lost for words in that i have no idea on how i should respond...... I would...
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    Multiple Choice; What did you put?

    What did you guys put down? Heres what i got: 1) D 2) C 3) C 4) D 5) B 6) A 7) B 8) C 9) B 10) C 11) A 12) B 13) A 14) D 15) A
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    SDD: Multiple Choice

    How did you guys go in the multiple choice? Please post your answers so we can compare. :)
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    Serious Advice Only: Passing P Exam

    Hey all, i thought it would be a good idea for a Stickied thread that includes advice for people who just completed their Learner hours and soon will be undertaking the driving exam to get their P's. I for one havent gone for my P's yet (but have already booked 3 weeks in advance :) ). Now for...
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    What is NewStep @ Uni. Newcastle

    Im not quite sure if i will make it to Newcastle University so i was wondering (incase i dont) what newstep is like. What do you do? How long does it go for?
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    Problem with arithmetic sequence question

    Im having trouble figuring this question out: Question: The first three terms of an arithmetic sequence are 7, x, 35. Find x
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    Excel Text for Software Design and Development any Good?

    I was just wodering is the "Excel Text Book" for software design and development any good?