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    Black Diggers (Trying my luck)

    I'm doing Black diggers for my IP (Directors Folio) and just wanted to try my luck and see if anyone who's done it in 2019-2020 has any useful resources that i could possibly reference!
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    HSC Syllabus help (Bio/Chem)

    Does anyone know if the prelim syllabus is included in the HSC syllabus for bio and chem? my school's science trials are only on yr12 content, which confuses me cause a teacher told us that prelim chem will be in the hsc thanks!! - yr12-to-be
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    New Syllabus Resources

    Hi, student taking the HSC in 2021 here. Was wondering if anyone knows where to find some good resources (notes, textbooks etc) that have the new syllabus, since most of the existing stuff isn’t fully accurate of what we need to know anymore. Thanks!
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    Y11 Subjects: Drama VS Legal Studies

    I’m torn between these 2 atm. Which scales better? I have more interest in Drama but am unlikely to use it in the future, while legal studies seems more practical but less interesting. Legal studies also seems easier since you just have to study hard but again I’m more likely to put in more...
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    Tell me about Australian High Schools!

    Hi! I’m an international student from Singapore moving to Sydney for year 11 next year. I know nothing about Australian high schools so it would be really cool if anyone would be keen to share about them,, it would be a great help! some interesting differences I’ve found so far (from what I...