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  1. violetcombe

    ancient history trials anyone?

    Anyone got any ancient history trials they can share? many thank
  2. violetcombe

    HELP: 2019 hsc sample responses (eng adv)

    hello I am really eager to read some of last year's high-scoring essays in the English advanced hsc, but I'm not sure where to find them. I know there is the NESA hsc workbook or whatever but I don't have any money. I wonder if anyone has a copy of it and could upload a photo or scan? or if...
  3. violetcombe

    Arms race essay

    Any thoughts on how to split up an essay on the arms race? Idk like assess the significance of the arms race to the development of the Cold War to 1968? (if that's possible as a question) If anyone's done one or anything, help!