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    Top Achievers in Course List

    Re: Top 20 in Course List nothing :)
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    OMG! Did we get slipped a 4U paper?

    or ... u have f'(x)[f(x)]^2 which integrates to [f(x)]^3 / 3
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    OMG! Did we get slipped a 4U paper?

    obviously uve never seen a 4unit paper we got slipped a 3unit paper.. a very decent 3unit paper.
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    Estimate the Band E4 cutoff

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    Estimate Your Raw Mark

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    raw mark = what scaled approx

    70's would not be 85 for this year its gonna be like like 60/120 for 85 was a tough exam
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    Question 5-6

    volume i got like... 4 * a * b^2 * pi^2
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    ill guess at mid to high E3
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    Q3-4 hard?

    i also got 6 and 2 its about equating area's... 1/2(Pr) = 1/2(base*height)
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    Band E4 cut off

    actually questoin 5 was fine 6 - 8 = fail
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    Band E4 cut off

    i found those easy question 5 - 8 i got like ... 18/60 epic fail.
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    Band E4 cut off

    what do you think the raw mark for a band E4 will be /120
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    Estimate your raw mark

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    2003 HSC Q26 and Q27

    26.. just talk about the constant speed of light meaning time and mass dilation and length contraction e = mc^2.. energy can create matter, explanation for the big bang quantum he explained the photoelectric effect (go into detail) thus changed scientific thinking about how energy is...
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    Hardest Past HSC Papers

    2006 was a very very easy paper question 8 wasn't long and it was very very do-able hope this years paper is like that :) 2000 was a killer 2003 wasnt too bad besides question 8
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    what are your raw marks for past papers

    just got 67/84 for the 2003 test anyone else find that one tricky?
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    Aligned marks, 60%

    mid band 5
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    Parametric equations.. Please help.

    make y the subject and when u square root your going to get + and - + for top half of circle (positive y values) - for bottom half of circle (negative y values)