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  1. klee98

    Only $5 for everything! (95.15 realistic atar score) 1gb worth of resources!!!!

    "How are you today, you fine gentle being" "My name is Kenny, you can call me klee98" "Here's the deal, i've gotten 95.15 last year with all of these goodies and i want you to try some of them yourself!" "For only $5 dollars, you get 1 GB worth of resources" "And i mean, everything from...
  2. klee98

    How to write a kick-ass scientific report?

    Right so here's my situation, in about 2 weeks time i have to hand in a scientific report about esters. Since i messed up both of my previous assessment task, i really need to take some risk in order to secure my spot at first place. It's one of those 'go big or go home' situation. So what...
  3. klee98

    Is this normal? [WARNING: RANT]

    We just did our speech on our Area of Study, and i've got a mark (15/20). Honestly, i wasn't that impressed because in year 11, i would usually get 18+. I feel like i have the confidence that is needed in a presentation. Like body language and tone and whatnots. Yet, i got 15 which is the...
  4. klee98

    Binomial Expansion

    I've changed the question! I know how to do a,b and d How do you do c? Any help is greatly appreciated
  5. klee98

    Did anyone do Gulliver's Travels?

    Did anyone do Gulliver's Travels as a related text? Would like some pointers or even a sneak peek, just trying to maximise my marks here. Besides maybe we can work something out, (in exchange for other resources....)
  6. klee98

    How do you prepare for a listening test?

    pretty straight forward...
  7. klee98

    This tricky question!

    This question is taunting me, i chose the blue one. I know the question looks pretty darn obvious what it wants, but the way it was phrased though!!! Here's my POV: Draw the magnitude of a ball dropped in a trolley by a scientist who's in the trolley relative to the scientist. Plus, its...
  8. klee98

    Looking for Terry Lee 7th Edition Advanced Mathematics

    I'm in a foreign land and in need of this book Hopefully it's in good condition, don't mind little bit of notations here and there The transaction would most likely take place through a third party PM me for details