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    Is online tutoring worth it?

    It seems better to me personally predominantly because the hardest thing for many people from what I heard is balancing time and being organised tutoring and with school work. Online tutoring eliminates that so it should be better right? Has anyone who has done online tutoring seen success?
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    Cheat sheet tips

    My Maths extension 1 exam allows us to bring a cheat sheet with us. Is there any way I can exploit this advantage to make the test even easier for me or should i just write formulas etc?
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    How can you be organised?

    I see the word organised thrown around often but what are some things I can start doing to become as organised as possible?
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    Book suggestions

    I've finally come to terms with the fact that I need to start reading more books to enhance my English skills. I was wondering what everyone's favourite books of all time were so that I could start my reading journey. I prefer fiction books by the way.
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    MX1 Help

    Stuck on these 4 questions, would be great if someone helped out :)
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    Study for yearlies or not?

    Thank you for this, I'll start trying for my exams but not work as hard.
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    Study for yearlies or not?

    Extension Maths, PDHPE, SOR 1 unit, chem, bio, adv eng
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    Study for yearlies or not?

    Studying takes a lot of time out of my day and I just want to know if doing bad in my exam affects anything in terms of subjects for year 11 and 12.
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    Study for yearlies or not?

    My yearly exams are coming very soon, starting in week 2, term 4. I was wondering if it's even worth trying anymore. I have put so much work in from the start of the year up until now and got the subjects that I want to do in year 11 and 12. I chose my subjects in term 3 and I'm pretty confident...
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    School rankings

    Thank you, personally, do you think I should make the move between schools though?
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    School rankings

    I've seen a lot of people mention their school rankings when they're asking about their ATAR estimates etc. I was wondering why school rankings matter? If you are dedicated and do well wouldn't you get the same as anyone else in a top 10 ranked school? If they do matter, should I reconsider...
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    Subject selections

    Subject selections will be on in early August and I have two ideas of what I'll be picking (shown below), would love to hear which option I should pick by you guys. One thing I've been seeing is that generally those who do well in Maths Extension (band 6), do extremely well in their ATAR's is...
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    Is PDHPE a bludge?

    Thank you very much, I'm guessing ancient history is the same?
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    Is PDHPE a bludge?

    I'm currently in year 10 and was talking to one of my teachers, she was saying that PDHPE is nowhere near a bludge or easy subject. I feel like its always good to have a subject that doesn't require you to put blood sweat and tears in so that you can focus on the harder subjects. Obviously, in...
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    HSC Physics vs HSC Chemistry

    I would like to hear your opinion on which is more difficult and why, I appreciate anyone taking this time to answer.
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    Subject Selection for year 11 and 12 to help me become a chiropractor

    I really appreciate and will consider your answer, thank you. As for your question, I've been watching chiropractic videos for a pretty long time and the satisfaction of hearing that cracking noise (cavitation) is really a benefit of being a chiropractor. Other than that, I feel like I've born...
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    Subject Selection for year 11 and 12 to help me become a chiropractor

    I am currently in year 10 and debating about the science subjects to choose, at the moment I've chosen advance math, PDHPE, Religion (mandatory because I go to a catholic school), English. I need two more subjects which would help me in my career path to becoming a chiro, I'm currently thinking...