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    Practical Assessments for Module 7 & 8 - Chemistry

    As per the title, I was wondering what types of practicals can be asked from modules 7 and 8 for Chemistry? As in, what is generally assessed, and how should people prepare for these? Thank you !
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    Improving writing speed

    I was wondering how to improve my writing speed, because I have an essay due today in 3 weeks time, and my teacher recommended that I write approximately 1250 words to have a solid shot at 18-19. Although its not necessary, more words allow you to express more, or at least buys you more thinking...
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    Raw Marks Database

    I was just looking around on the webside, and I just dont really understand why alignment occurs. They do moderation and scaling, isnt that enough? And it seems like for most subjects, regardless of the mark, the claimed raw mark to aligned mark always shoots up, like ALWAYS. How would that even...
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    Amount of 2U content in 3U Mathematics papers

    Just wondering how much 2U content gets assessed in the 3U trials and HSC? Thanks
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    Making Standard Solutions

    Hey, when I make a standard solution, and I leave it stoppered, even if its a secondary standard (like KMnO4 or NaOH). Will this change my results too much (in terms of the determined concentration of the standard solution) because of the hydrophilic nature of NaOH for example (although its...
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    Feedback on short answer questions?

    Is there anyone here who can provide approximate marks and some feedback for the short answers I've written (Economics)? It would be really appreciated, thank you !!
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    Suggested Answers on Marking Guidelines: Economics

    Hey everyone, are the suggested answers on the HSC economics marking guidelines band 6 level? (Or for the short answers, for example, are they worthy of full marks?) Thanksss
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    Requirement for Medicine

    Wanted to know what the requirement would be to guarantee an interview offer for a regional student in UNSW, Monash, UNE, etc. In terms of ATAR and UCAT? (Also, does having a whole heap of extracurricular stuff help in terms of getting offers?) Thanks
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    Maths In Focus Ext 1/2

    Thoughts on the Ext 1/2 MIF book, especially the way it covers complex numbers?
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    How to Study Well

    Hey everyone So this year im accelerating chem and ecos, and next year I'm planning to do ext 1 and 2 but i want to get it all done by around this time next year, How do you guys recommend I go about studying for these to maximise marks (mid/high band 6s) ? What tips, tricks and resources do...
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    Maths-Ext 1/2 Marks Lost and Hardest Topics

    Hey everyone !! For Maths ext-1 and 2, which topics do you guys find the hardest and why? Also, which topics do most band 6 (or E4) students lose marks on?