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    Bruhhhh, @proxyluv what is your school ranking. very important info. my friend is ranked 1st in all subjects. i know right but he goes to a shit school ranked 300+. Can't technically compare. The dumbest cunt in James Ruse can be smarter than my friend. Then again, I'm pretty sure there aren't...
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    Is CTHS Good

    probably only private schools. I heard they have extremely strict policies on such matters. But yeah all public schools have the occasional bunch that vapes and does drugs. I go to a selective school and still, there are people who do drugs and vapes. Mainly the senior boys. lol btw. isn't...
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    How were your assessments?

    ye, the assessments are similar to year 10's in terms of difficulty - may be a bit harder. But then again, yes, this is just year 10 consolidation and establishing the foundations for senior years. It's only gonna get harder from here. I would highly suggest not procrastinate for in-class...
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    Bored of Studies - Chess Competition

    bruuuhh, is it even gonna run?
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    Year 11s, what do you do in your spares?

    I don't have any:( rip. When i drop a subject next year, I might get some.
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    How much math homework do you guys get? Most effective method of doing exercises by myself?

    If you are doing the last few questions of each Cambridge excercise, you're set, good for you. Especially if you do the enrichment questions. That is Im assuming you do ext.1 course. I go to a fully selective school as well but they give a shit ton of work to do and I also go tutoring so...
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    Selective school kids- would you have got a lower ATAR at a non-selective school?

    I mean if she is willing to pay the private school fees, then there's no problem. Since selective schools are government schools they are essentially free and offer the same quality of education as most private schools.
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    How can I be more organised in Year 11?

    I have this whiteboard in my room and I just wrote '97+ atar'. It helps me in motivating myself as I venture towards my long-term goal. This is just my way and I understand that everyone has different ways.
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    How can I be more organised in Year 11?

    what do y what do you mean by everything counts? nothing counts towards your atar at this point in time. Only when you start year 12.
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    2022 HSC chat

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    2022 HSC chat

    :lol: im pretty sure there's a discord server now. everyone's using that instead of this forum
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    YEAR 11 MATH help:(

    k thanks bud. lots of people have told me that. Yeah, I guess I need to chill a bit. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    YEAR 11 MATH help:(

    yeah i think so as well. The thing is I've heard an average on-one tutor charges $70/hour. Compared to my current tutoring which charges $50/hour. Its gonna burn a hole in my parent's pocket. But oh well, if it's best for my hsc and if I can actually learn, i might as well. I'll think about it...
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    Digitalising Notes

    100% agree. You are organizing your own notes. You are reading your notes. No-one else is gonna see them or should see them unless you share notes. Tbh, you shouldn't really share notes. Everyone has their own method of taking notes down and writing summaries, whatever someone else writes is...
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    YEAR 11 MATH help:(

    classmates aren't struggling. roughly 90% of our grade does tutoring for math. This includes me but I did start it only this year. Haven't been going to tutoring in years. The last time I went was in Year 6 cause of the selective
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    YEAR 11 MATH help:(

    Thanks for the advice. You are partially right. So, I completed Year 10 5.3 before Year 10 Term 4. Since we still had a solid term before year 11 started, our teacher decided to teach us some fundamental topics of year 11 advanced & extension. So we had a headstart onto the year 11 topic of...
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    YEAR 11 MATH help:(

    aight got it:) thanks so much, bro. I mean I'm putting in the effort but i honestly think my teacher doesn't know how to teach. He's one of the cool, laid-back teachers every student dreams of in high school but when it actually comes to lessons, he can't teach for shit. That's why I'm also...
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    YEAR 11 MATH help:(

    Hi there:) Currently, our classes have started off with combinatorics & perms(extension), probability, and discrete probability distributions(advanced). I must admit that I haven't had the most solid foundation in the concept of probability - it's confusing and is the most poorly taught topic...
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    YEAR 11 MATH help:(

    Hi there, thanks so much for the advice. I see you're doing 4u so you definitely know your stuff and all. I heard the concept of a mistake book hundreds of times - so I'm considering this. Appreciate it bro:)