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  1. LaZy_KoReAn

    SIBT - soooo boring

    SIBT is not a good place for local students, i just feel. i have hard time making friends, most of my friends are local students too, when i try to talk to a decent looking girl or friendly looking guy i cant seem to bond a friendship with them, language problems and cultural differences i...
  2. LaZy_KoReAn

    ECON111 - Microeconomics

    Does ECON111 require good knowledge of algebra, derivatives, calculus? i havent touched maths for years and im in SIBT 1st semester, and shell shocked at the moment with the maths part of it, the theory part is not hard at the moment. Im really worried i will fail the unit if the maths part...
  3. LaZy_KoReAn

    How many hours study per week?

    Do you guys do every week outside of uni lectures/tutorials? What are the best times to go to the library? I am going to do commerce, what is the recommended study hours? Will 2 days of full time shifts be too hard to handle with full time study? i want friday or saturday to myself too
  4. LaZy_KoReAn

    Centrelink - how much can i have in the bank?

    move on. stupid thread.
  5. LaZy_KoReAn

    QUESTIONS - regarding UNI

    Hey guys, (appreciate it if you can offer some advice) I got some concerns regarding accommodation, i looked at a townhouse in taranto road marsfield, taranto road is very near to the uni but on the map the uni is soooooo big i dont have any clue how people access uni do you walk all around...
  6. LaZy_KoReAn

    Who lives out of home for uni?

    Who here lives out out home for uni because of distance? I am particular interested in how much it would cost for living out of home, i havent lived out for like 3 years so i have no clue how much it will cost (it was when i was working so obviously had more money to spend and save so didnt...
  7. LaZy_KoReAn

    UTS - Insearch please help me

    Hello guys, I am interested in UTS, i already got a offer from SIBT for Macquarie but i think north ryde is quite a travel. Most of the people i know are telling me to go to UTS (my current tafe buddies) and even some people on bos are saying UTS is relatively easier compared to MQ, i really...
  8. LaZy_KoReAn

    Uni Fees are insane / city campus

    OK, so i been offered a offer for SIBT diploma - commerce which is my backup plan if i dont get an offer through UAC with my tafe diploma, at worst wasting 1.5 years but hopefully will get some exemptions. Anyway, i been doing some calculations for a commerce degree, it says band 3 and cost...
  9. LaZy_KoReAn

    UTS VS MQ - which is harder...

    Which uni is harder for graduating in commerce. i want to graduate from mq in the bachelor of commerce - professional accounting, if i put in the hours and treat it as full time work say 40 hours, would i be able to understand the course if i am an average in intellect?
  10. LaZy_KoReAn

    Would i still be able to go MQ with....

    Well, i failed 2 subjects last semester in Accounting Diploma (prepare tax & evaluation). I got distinctions and credits for all the other subjects. I am so fucked up, because i never had the intention of going to uni until i came to shocking realisation how hard it is to get a job without good...
  11. LaZy_KoReAn

    I like to study at Macquarie

    Hello, I am looking for some solid advice. My situation is i am currently a tafe student, decided to drop advanced diploma and just complete the diploma subjects i failed which is prepare tax and financial evaluation, i got distinctions and credits for all subjects through tafe but i flopped...
  12. LaZy_KoReAn

    Macquarie VS UTS (bachelor)

    I am researching my first two choices. I am finishing my advanced diploma this semester, if i dont pass all subjects or insufficient grades to get in directly from tafe, i am considering SIBT or INSEARCH. I like to know which university is the better between these two (teaching and...
  13. LaZy_KoReAn

    What happens if i save all my centrelink payments?

    Hi, Please help me, i am currently receiving youth allowance (started to receive). I like to save all my youth allowance (and soon to be austudy) payments for a home deposit till i graduate in 3 years or so. Am i allowed to do this? or would centrelink see this as a sign not to pay me...
  14. LaZy_KoReAn

    I want to get into MQ thru tafe

    I am in 2nd stage of accounting now, and i am starting to look around at uni i could get into. 1st stage i achieved all distinctions and this stage i should be able to get credit average (3 credits out of 4 subjects with tax as competent based) hopefully. Uni that look achievable is...
  15. LaZy_KoReAn

    Tax Online

    Hey guy's how fast did you guy's get a return back into your savings account, using e-tax?
  16. LaZy_KoReAn

    How much does a financial planner charge?

    I'm a St George Bank's customer and have a few grand with them, i'm thinking of seeking financial planner for financial advice, how much do they typically charge for a typical consultation? Anyone seen a financial planner before? Care to explain the process?
  17. LaZy_KoReAn

    Thank you letter

    Do you guy's write a thank you letter to interviewers?
  18. LaZy_KoReAn

    Group Interview

    How do you prepare yourself to succeed in a group interview? What tips would you share with someone that has a group interview this Friday? Please provide me some answers thank you! Anyoine been interviewed by salmat or customcall?
  19. LaZy_KoReAn

    Difficult Situation

    I'm confused with doing the tax return, i never did one before yes i've worked before but i never made a claim saw no point. But now i did earn a significant amount of money for the first time i WANT / NEED my tax back. My situation is that over the past 9 months i've worked with a few...
  20. LaZy_KoReAn

    Where can i go and meet.,...

    Where do i go and meet chics? Not a cold pickup situation and not work. Any warm places like work, where plenty of Asian women hang out? What about non-asians? Please recommend a few places... thanks