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    Equities Research at a BB firm?

    I met somebody the other day who completed an internship in equities research at a BB bank, and i was wondering if someone (say seremify007 or Newbie...people who seem know the industry i guess) could shed some light on what the job and career is like. How much do they pay as a grad, what is the...
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    Will a distinction average in engineering actually grant you first class honours?

    I mean, in order for any university to maintain their prestige, they'd have to limit the number of people attaining first class honours, surely? That, coupled with what i'm sure are a lot of internationals who really buckle down and 75 just a minimum, and if it is, what is the average...
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    How do we change a clash into an 'approved' clash?

    I have a lecture and a tutorial. Lecture's 2 hours, tutorial's for one and it's awfully convenient (read: i'll be stuck in uni for aagees) for me to have that tutorial in the second half of that 2 hour lecture. How does this 'approved clash' process work exactly?
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    Likelihood of a conceded pass in Comp1917? (NOT HAPPY)

    Just to note, i'm doing electrical engineering. I'm Dota55, but i forgot my password.. Well, here it is. I've worked pretty hard on this subject all semester. We have two tests, a written exam and a practical. You needed to get 12/30 in each one, and 50/100 overall to pass the course. While i'm...