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    why is friction directly proportional to the normal force? whos to say there isn't an exponential, sinusoidal etc relationship?
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    counting characters

    hey guys. i'm not sure how to solve this and if anyone could give me a leg up it would awesome (i don't actually WANT the code for the task, just a tip or something) what i want to do is identify the number of characters that are inputted into scanf(). what i CAN do is identify the number of...
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    PHYS1131 homework book

    where do we get this from? i bought a lab book for $35, but that's it...
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    Formal limits

    \\$Define $f:\mathbb{R}\to \mathbb{R},f(x)=\frac{\sin 3x}{x^2+4}\\$Prove that $\lim_{x\to \infty }f(x)=0 $ using the formal definition of a limit.$\\\\\\$Suppose $\epsilon >0 $ and $x>0,\\|f(x)-L|=\left|\frac{\sin 3x}{x^2+4}\right|\leq \left|\frac{3}{x^2+4}\right|<\frac{3}{x^2}<\epsilon...
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    solving the cubic

    \\ax^3+bx+c=0\\$Let $x=p+q\\\left[a(p^3+q^3) \right ]+[3pqa](p+q)=[-c]+[-b](p+q)\\$Equating terms and rearranging, $\\ p^3+q^3=-\frac{c}{a} $ and $p^3q^3=-\frac{b^3}{27a^3}\\p^3 $ and $q^3 $ are solutions to the quadratic equation $\omega ^2+\frac{c}{a}\omega-\frac{b^3}{27a^3}=0\\$Finding $p^3 $...
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    program problem :S

    hey guys i just wrote up this simple math program just for practice and gcc won't compile it. i really don't see where the problem is what do you guys think
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    C compiler

    i tried to download and install a C compiler (namely gcc) but it seems hard and laborious is there an automated way of installing gcc? OR are there any compilers that you guys recommend? never programmed before :o
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    \\$Sum the expression, $\\\binom{n}{0}+\binom{n}{4}+\binom{n}{8}+...+\binom{n}{n}\\$by considering the binomial expansions of $ (1+i)^n, (1-i)^n,(1+1)^n $ and $(1-1)^n $ (note that $n$ is a multiple of 4)$\\ i got (by simply adding up all the expansions)...
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    PHYS1131 textbook - edition 7 or 8?

    i can get a 7th edition copy of Physics for Scientists and Engineerings with Modern Physics $80, whilst a 8th edition will cost me $169. is there THAT much of a difference (equivalent to an $89 price difference :p) between the editions?
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    Set closure

    Is the set S={0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} closed under addition? Prove your answer. my answer: 0+1=1 S 0+2=1 S 8+9=17 is not an element of S .'. S is not closed under addition does this count as a proof?
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    stronglifts 5x5 or rippetoes SS?

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    lagging bench

    my current stats are: squat: 115kg deadlift: 122.5kg bench press: struggling at 60kg any idea why my bench is lagging so much? i do as much upper body work as i do lower, i don't see the reason why its so behind edit: to add to this, i'm also not oddly proportioned (i.e. massive legs and...
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    looking for a printer

    any printers that you guys suggest that dont run out of ink quickly and make decent prints? im willing to spend up to 150-200 bucks will be mainly used for black and white text documents, with little photo/colour printing
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    "Invitation to MATH1141 Talented Student Tutorials‏"

    i just received an invitation to MATH1141 talented student tutorials specific to people who got a combined mark in ext 1 & 2 of 189 "These tutorials replace your normal MATH1141 tutorials and here you will be with students of similar mathematical ability and interests. In these tutorials you...
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    textboooooooooooks: to buy or not to buy?

    MATH1141 PHYS1131 ENGG1000 COMP1911 will lecture notes suffice for any of these classes? current 2nd years and anyone who can give an opinion welcome :o
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    COMP1911 vs COMP1917

    from reading the handbook i know COMP1917 is "harder", but my views of each course are very superficial to those doing it or know about it, how much harder is COMP1917 than its counterpart? even though i'm not looking to further my study into computing/programming, will this benefit me later...
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    Timetabling issues :@

    my frikin comp1911 lecture clashes with my comp1911 tutorial. tho its the only option i have w..t..f..? i dont understand. it seems to inherently clash? how does that work
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    Equity Scholarships

    hey guys, i just realised that Equity Scholarship outcomes come out next monday. anyone here gotten one in the past? i got an ATAR of 98.4, am on youth allowance, and went to a disadvantaged PSP school (school rank low 600s last year and mid 500s this year). do you reckon i have a good chance...
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    Medicine after 1 year of uni

    hello, background information: - since last year i've been aiming to get into an MBBS program. however, my UMAT wasn't enough, and as such, i didn't recieve any offers - i've also been offered (and accepted) a co op scholarship for engineering at UNSW i've considered other pathways into...
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    scholarship offers

    out of curiosity, did anyone else from this site get offered a: UNSW electrical engineering co-op scholarship and/or UTS RTA civil engineering full degree scholarship?