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  1. qwerty44

    How big is the observable universe? Find out here....

    You will make no mistake in clicking this link, as it is quite interesting even for non-physicist:
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    How much of prelim physics is needed for HSC?

    The syllabus says its assumed knowledge, but how well do you need to know it?
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    Fastest human calculator on earth!

    The long division one really got me.
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    Probability Question

    Part (ii)
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    In terms of years, what HSC papers does the Pheonix Past papers topic by topic cover?

    this one: is it recent? If not, does anyone know of any book that covers recent hsc questions topic by topic?
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    Exponential Equations

    How do you solve algebraically 2^{x}=1+2x-x^{2} besides trial and error?
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    Looking for maths tutor in Penrith region

    Hi im looking for a 3U/4U maths tutor in or within 10 mins of Penrith.
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    Sketching Logs

    When sketching logs, is there a way besides plotting points to sketch the more complex ones like: y=ln(x+1)(x-1) or y=ln\frac{x}{x-1} showing asymptotes and intercepts? How to do you find asymptotes and intercepts without plotting points, or is that the only way?
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    Circle Geometry Proofs

    Im not having trouble with proving stuff, but rather writing the proofs for each theorem. Im not sure what to write for each one. this may sound dumb but I can't afford to write out the whole theorem, and I cant be too brief...fussy teacher. So what should I write for each theorem? For...
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    Anyone willing to critique my Christianity Essay?

    Is anyone who has finished the HSC and done well in SoR willing to read my essay on Christianity?
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    Thoughts on Terry Lee Ext 1 Textbook

    Is it good compared to the others? 'In terms of : difficulty solutions explanations exam style questions etc.
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    Interesting Math Problem....

    Simplify (x-a)(x-b)(x-c)...(x-z)
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    Formula book for Mathematics, Ext 1, Ext1 Prelim and Hsc

    Formula/Summary PDF for all HSC Maths! Came across this and noticed it wasn't on here already. It is a summary and formula PDF book for everything in all levels of HSC maths (not sure bout general though):
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    70 Mathematics Past Papers

    Here are approx 70 past papers for maths from bos and other schools. CSSA, Independent, NEAP and ARC papers were removed and cannot be uploaded unfortunately due to all the copyright rules. Also a questions by topic file for hsc papers from 1984-1997.
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    Risk Management in Banking/Finance

    I am quite interest in risk management, but in banking/finance. Actuarial is more addressed to insurance, which I am not really interested in. What degrees/careers are best for risk management in the banking/finance industry? I would assume that a Finance major would be appropriate, anything...
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    DOT POINT Preliminary Physics Vs. Excel Preliminary Physics

    which one is better and why??
  17. qwerty44

    Preliminary Study Guide

    I'm looking for a study guide that is on the new syllabus. Excel doesn't have preliminary one for the new syllabus, only HSC. I have the Excel book for the old syllabus from the school library, but I would prefer something that covers exactly what I need to know for my test next week. Any...
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    Free Physics Videos

    Just found these videos and they are pretty good. Have seen this guy around before and you probably have too, but here are heaps of them in one place.
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    Half Yearly Past Papers

    I only found one half yearly past paper in the resources section with solutions. Does anyone have any that i can use?
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    Integration Help

    Can I please get help with Q5.C and F. Could you just explain what to do before actually doing it. I'm learning ahead so i haven't actually done any of this before. Thanks