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  1. Blue_Eyed_Devil

    First Year IT Subjects (pre-2007): Overview

    this is very good.. can u continue plz??
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    science faculty seems pretty quite..

    well i wonder what science course are you doing. i don't know.. but gore hill sux. and i would so like to quit my lectures there. my friend is doing maths and finance and some are doing maths and comp and stuff like that and they got lectures in building 4. in the hall actually. and some use...
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    so how are you guys finding science?

    ok.. science.. depends on what science. eventhough its all pretty much shitted. classes. they are fucked. boring to death. science life sux.. only come across whats so disgusting. its all theory and the practical bit is looking at a microscope or mixing two chemicals!! thats a thrill. oh and...
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    well i have clashed on my timetable and i have no electives. i can't figur it out!! its already sort of a mess!! anyway, which is quicker.. the bus or train from city to st.leonards and back??
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    wow.. i thought ur meant to enjoy it!! u guys really make us give up hope!!
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    Module B Texts and society

    the questions were quite general. you could elaborate on each as much as u want!! i could have gone on and on and on.. the dialogue one... which i chose, was the interview and the nature of the question requires alot of writing! while the second specifically asked about everthing we have done...
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    true.. standard is the same as ESL. the same standards are expected. the only difference is that ESL doesn't get compared with others while standard is compared with the advanced students too!! its ok.. if your good in ur english then it shouldn't be a problem. i know someone who came top in...
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    I f*cked it

    well i have done so many past papers!! i also did so many excersises in so many books and shit.. but hey.. didn't help did it??!! :mad: plus that... it wasn't a hard paper. i have to say i have dome harder questions and the trial was harder too but then i stuffed it. i still stuffed it. i was...
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    I f*cked it

    ya well the paper wasn't so hard but i totally sucked!! i practically almost fell asleep!! thats it.. Goodebye sweet dreams and high goals. my last hope for a good UAI is dead... :(
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    ya its done, but i loved the listening. so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! english was overall quite easy, but the problem was time!
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    Module B Texts and society

    I just wonder if this is an english test or a time test!! i didn't have time to finish this section.. btw, feature article is ot a letter or a report, its a feature article! it has its own layout and language.